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A Very Special Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.19

A Very Special Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.19

In a Very Special Episode, Matt Gurney takes a long look at why the Conservatives are turning away from, and giving up on, the centre.
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Hello, friends and family of The Line. We had ourselves a bit of a week. Matt Gurney was planning on being off for a few days, trying to finish up the home renovation that has eaten his life (and his money — please subscribe today, really, please). Jen Gerson was going to run the shop but she came down with what she thought was a bit of a cold. Oops! Nope. It’s a strep infection. And it turns out you can’t ignore those — if you do, they seem to just get worse.

Anyway, so. Yeah. She’s out of action, friends. By weird coincidence, Jen was actually testifying before Parliament today (more on that later) and she was able to summon her last reserves of strength and finish her appearance. But she used up all of her energy (and her voice!) in doing so.

We could have just skipped the podcast, but Matt actually wanted to have a longer conversation with Mitch Heimpel, who wrote the last piece The Line published this week before the bottom fell out of all our best-laid plans. If you haven’t already, read Mitch’s essay, and then come back here, pour a drink of your choice, and settle in for a long chat on The Line’s special episode on the experimental podcast.

And if you like it, and the new door trim in Matt’s house, subscribe today.

Watch for our written dispatch, as well — that’s coming tomorrow.

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