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Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.16

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.16

Why we're so nasty (society, not us personally — we're great). Jen gets a free bike and Matt wants an antique rifle. Why PP is going to steamroller the elites. And more!
shallow focus photography of condenser microphone

Matt Gurney and Jen Gerson in the continuing (not really) experimental Line podcast. In this episode: Matt’s theory of nastiness, weirdness in the CPC leadership race, how Poilievre is going to completely steamroller most Canadian journalists, commentators and analysts with his deliberate strategy of confrontation, replacing “Jumping the shark” with “Wendy turning grey,” Brenda Lucki is bad at her job and Jen got a free bike! (Matt’s holding out for an M1 Garand, if any of you have one handy.)

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