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Gradually less experimental The Line podcast episode #0.4

Gradually less experimental The Line podcast episode #0.4

So, this one was a pain to produce, so hope y'all enjoy it (especially Matt getting really dark at the end).
shallow focus photography of condenser microphone

Matt Gurney and Jen Gerson in the fourth experimental Line podcast. This one is a bit of a slice-and-dice because, unfortunately, our weekly recorded Zoom meeting had a corrupted file. We couldn’t salvage the video at all (so no YouTube this week!) and we could only salvage some of the audio. Whole sections were missing or garbled beyond use. But we still pulled together what was workable and stitched it together for you, and we really hope you enjoy it.

These experimental podcasts are going well so far, this week’s technical meltdown not withstanding. If you’re enjoying them, and haven’t joined us yet as a paying subscriber, please considering doing so today.

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