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On The Line with General Wayne Eyre, commander of the Canadian Armed Forces

On The Line with General Wayne Eyre, commander of the Canadian Armed Forces

On the deteriorating global order and threats to Canada, why he's optimistic about the Defence Policy Update, and the general's message to Canadians.

General Wayne Eyre served for decades in the Canadian Army, including as its commander, before being promoted to Chief of the Defence Staff in 2021. During his time as Canada's top soldier, he has overseen not only a series of challenges inside the Canadian military, but also a rapid deterioration in the geopolitical environment. The world is a more dangerous place, and Gen. Eyre has been unusually outspoken in noting that Canada needs to do more to be ready for what's coming.

In this conversation with The Line's Matt Gurney, the general provides his take on the state of the world today, shares his thoughts on the recently announced Defence Policy Update, and talks about why he is encouraged by some of what he is already seeing change with Canada's military readiness. 

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Please note: This episode was recorded before the Iranian attack on Israel.

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