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The Line Podcast: Canada's proggies can't help but love genocidal death cult Hamas

The Line Podcast: Canada's proggies can't help but love genocidal death cult Hamas

On wars abroad, fears at home, and, uh, a court ruling.

The Line's Matt Gurney and Jen Gerson discuss the atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel; Israel's response in the Gaza Strip — and North America's progressives, who have left their assess hanging in the wind by applauding and condoning acts of violence that include the murder of children and sexual assault of Israeli women. Progressives are doing incredible damage to their own causes by justifying the violence of Hamas — a genocidal and theocratic terrorist organization — under leftist jargon like "decolonization." 

In other news, Canada's Supreme Court has ruled the federal government's environmental impact legislation — also known as C-69, or the "no more pipelines" bill — as unconstitutional. To the shock and surprise of everyone who expected this court to rule in Justin Trudeau's favour, the SCC agreed with the Alberta Court of Appeal: that C-69 oversteps provincial jurisdiction, and undermines the constitutional right of provinces to develop and manage their own natural resources. 

All this, and more, in the latest episode of The Line Podcast. And we warn our listeners, this is a hard one. Lot of emotion and not nice things to discuss.

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