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The Line Podcast: Cops to Canadians: Give up!

The Line Podcast: Cops to Canadians: Give up!

Jen thought "Cops to City: Drop dead" was too obscure a reference.

In this episode of The Line Podcast, recorded on March 15th, 2024, Jen explains to Matt at surprising length the latest culture war flashpoint, based around “people with vaginas.” Having to contemplate this drives Matt into wishing that he was a majestic sea creature, simply living a peaceful life below the waves. They also discuss donuts.

From there, they move onto how police in Canada seem determined to lose control of the communities they are responsible for policing, and talk about how relatively new — in historical terms — our concept of policing even is, and how quickly we could lose it. Which we seem determined to do. They also talk about how wealthy communities are going to simply find a way to bypass police dysfunction by buying the extra security that they need, which, in Toronto, they are already starting to do.

From there, G&G move onto former Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi’s entrance to the race for NDP leader. And that leads — one could say inevitably — to discussion of Operation Desert Storm, the 1991 U.S.-led coalition ground and air offensive in the Persian Gulf region, which stove, successfully, to drive Iraqi forces out of occupied Kuwait.

Don’t worry, it makes sense. Just listen.

They touch on a few things, but keep coming back to donuts.

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