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The Line Podcast: Enjoy now, Tories. After the Trudeau bashing pays off, you own the mess.

The Line Podcast: Enjoy now, Tories. After the Trudeau bashing pays off, you own the mess.

Also: please, for the love of God, just appoint some judges before more women and kids get totally screwed over by Canadian state incompetence.

How are Canada's conservatives feeling right now? Pretty good, it turns out. In this episode of The Line Podcast, recorded on April 12, 2024, Matt Gurney finds Jen Gerson in Ottawa, in the media room at the Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference. (And be warned, listeners and viewers, because Jen is in the field, there's some background noise in this episode, especially when some people protesting Israel's military campaign in Gaza show up.)

On the agenda for this episode: the conference itself, of course. Jen provides her sense on how the mood is among Canada's broader conservative movement. It turns out that they have also read the polls lately, and are feeling pretty good about themselves. Jen talks a little bit about her own panel on the future of media regulation, and why she was a little worried about some of what she saw in the crowd. The two editors then talk a bit about why conservatives should enjoy this conference, and maybe the next one, if there's still time before the next election. Win or lose, it'll get harder for the conservatives (and Conservatives) from here. They'll soon have all the responsibility and power. And that's where the heartbreak begins. 

Jen also discusses her raging hangover. Conferences, folks. They'll getcha if you're not careful. 

They then pivot to the ongoing Foreign Interference Commission, and Matt notes that while the Johnston report is mostly aging badly, one thing remains very true from it. Then as now, it's still very possible that the Liberals are telling the truth when they say they didn't know what China was up to. But at a certain point, that stops becoming a defence and starts becoming a confession. Matt also talks about how this government at times seems bizarrely convinced that it is some kind of a bystander, helpless to fix things that are broken. That's kind of its job!

They end on discussing Matt's column this week, wherein he laments that there are women and now children, victims of (alleged!) sexual attacks, who will not ever know justice because the federal government couldn't get its butt in gear and appoint enough judges to oversee the trials. 

Cheerful stuff. Matt gets pretty angry.

All that, and more, in this episode of The Line Podcast.

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