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The Line Podcast: Justin Trudeau needs a hug

The Line Podcast: Justin Trudeau needs a hug

And Pierre Poilievre needs a babysitter.
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In the latest episode of The Line Podcast, recorded on April 26, 2024, your intrepid Line editors start by announcing their upcoming event in Edmonton. The official announcement went out on Thursday, but in case you missed it, we hope you can join us in Edmonton for conversation about future-proofing Canada. Jen and Matt will both be there in Alberta’s capital, along with our great panel of experts. June 6th, friends. Mark your calendars. We hope to see you there.

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The duo then talk about Pierre Poilievre’s unfortunate visit this week to a protest in encampment in Atlantic Canada, populated as it was by fans of some of the weirder elements of Canada’s far-right. They kick around the possible motivations that may have explained the visit, including the one they find most likely, but also some alternative ones. They also discuss how the Liberals are having a hard time staying on message, and instead of continuing to talk about their budget, seem more inclined to chase every shiny object Poilievre tosses into their path. Could that just perhaps be deliberate on the part of the Conservative leader? 

They also talk about Alex Jones, so, gosh, the comments on this one will be weirder than normal. 

Also up for discussion today: what the convoy and the current Gaza protests have in common, and how they differ. They chat about the CBC, and some of the odd going-one there. Matt reads from the CBC’s Journalistic Standards and Practices, and wonders if the CBC execs have forgotten one key passage in particular. Jen gives an update from Alberta, where things remain weird. Matt reminds her that Albertans actually aren’t that conservative. They just have cowboy hats. 

Please note: In a statement to Postmedia’s Brian Lilley made after this podcast was recorded, and which was shared with The Line, the CBC said: “While we can confirm Travis is still the host of Canada Tonight, respectfully, we don’t share details regarding host assignments or their schedules.”

All that and more in the latest episode of The Line Podcast.

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Thanks for listening to us! We hope you enjoyed our first-ever live recorded The Line Podcast. The event was a total success, so we’re going to keep doing them. Don’t be surprised to see us soon in a city near you!

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