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The Line Podcast: Pierre Poilievre, porn policeman

The Line Podcast: Pierre Poilievre, porn policeman

The guys who hated the long-gun registry want to bring in the jerk-off registry. Maybe the ArriveCan guys can do the coding.

Oh yes, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre — ostensible defender of limited government and freedom — is coming for your goon caves. (Google it, if you have to, but not at work.) More specifically, the CPC leader is supporting bill S-210, which seeks to age-gate porn, blocking access by minors. Jen Gerson and Matt Gurney clash on the issue; both agree that this makes for terrible, albeit emotionally popular, policy. They disagree about whether it will make for good politics. 

Then they go on to discuss the imminent Online Harms Act — bookies have high odds on that one being a total disaster. From there, your hosts veer to Poilievre's opposition to "biological males" in female spaces like sport leagues, washrooms and changerooms. Interestingly, the duo note, this position is not panning out to be even a two-day news story when only a few years ago, such statements would have destroyed a politician. 

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The Line then chat about Dr. Phil on Joe Rogan. Did a Canadian parliamentarian really argue that there are no "parental rights" in Canada? Is that true? 

They then admit to having conflicted feelings over the fall of Vice, which announced this week that it would be no more. Is this a case of "go woke, go broke?" 

For a final ramble, Jen Gerson gets into Alberta's moratorium on renewable energy but, frankly, we admit, the jerking-off segment of this podcast is better. 

So yeah. Come for the politics. Stay for the masturbation references.

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