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The Line Podcast: So, Tucker Carlson, still think interviewing Putin was a good idea?

The Line Podcast: So, Tucker Carlson, still think interviewing Putin was a good idea?

Speaking of interviews, is the media finally adapting to Poilievre's combative strategies? Plus: Bell cuts, and the problems we aren't fixing

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We start talking about the big interview this week, agree it could have had value, but then wonder if the American provocateur still wishes he’d done it. We doubt it, but The Line's Jen Gerson and Matt Gurney talk about the goomba anyway.

Then the pair discuss Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre sticking to his guns by once again opposing a free trade deal with Ukraine on some dubious carbon tax pricing grounds. Is this evidence that Poilievre is in bed with Vladimir Putin? Well, probably not, argues Gerson; instead it suggests something weirder and in some ways worse.

The pair also talk about Poilievre's opposition to puberty blockers, and discuss Alberta's trans policies. Apparently there are some gender affirming top surgeries happening in the province, as reported in the National Post this week. Gurney also notes that he thinks the Ottawa press types are finally starting to figure out how to interview Poilievre. He hopes to see more of that.

The Line also talks about the layoffs at Bell Canada and the obligations highly protected industries like Bell ought to have to put some of their misbegotten profits into public good enterprises like journalism. But they don't, and probably won't have to. 

Lastly, The Line talks about Belleville, Ontario, and why Canadians are getting more and more angry listening to politicians talk about task forces and funding for problems — like opioid overdoses, discarded needles and stolen cars — that don't seem to get better.

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