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The Line Podcast: Sorry, Liberals. Looks like you're stuck with Trudeau

The Line Podcast: Sorry, Liberals. Looks like you're stuck with Trudeau

... unless you're not. Who knows? It's a weird time. Let's just go to the Stampede.

Hello, The Line Podcast listeners/viewers. We hope you had a great Canada Day weekend and that this podcast, recorded on July 5th, 2024, will help you start this weekend off right.

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Your hosts, including one in a fancy new (and almost finished!) summer-time studio, start by talking about the coup-that-wasn't. Last week, in our last episode before the break, we told you about the rumours and speculation about the future of Liberal leader (and prime minister) Justin Trudeau. Well, a week has passed, and the coup (if that's what it was) hasn't come to anything. Never say never — there will be other byelections and Lord knows what other political curveballs might be tossed the PM's way. But having survived this, and with not much time left to even install another Liberal leader even if the party wanted to, The Line suspects that, for better or worse, PMJT will lead his party into the next election.

(But we also talk about a few scenarios where he won't! Just to cover the bases/our butts.)

We also cover off a few quick bases. Canada has named a new top soldier, Lt. Gen. Jennie Carignan, who will be promoted to full general and become the first woman to hold the job in just under two weeks. We wish her every success in the role, and offer our thanks to the outgoing Gen. Wayne Eyre as he begins his retirement. We also note that the LCBO is on strike in Ontario, and Matt has some tips on where you can still find something to slack your thirst, if you're so motivated. Jen comments on how drinking is better in Alberta ... including now, yay!, potable water in Calgary, where the situation is improving on the water front. But they mostly talk about the Stampede: why it's awesome, why bigger cities can't pull something like that off, and why the PM cancelled his annual visit this time.

Finally, Matt talks about the reaction to his last column. It was ... revealing.




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