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The Line Podcast: Trudeau and his ministers take a road trip to oblivion

The Line Podcast: Trudeau and his ministers take a road trip to oblivion

On some really weird stuff from the governing party. On some really weird stuff in the U.S. And on the future of independent Canadian media.

In the latest episode of The Line Podcast, recorded on May 31, 2024, Matt Gurney and Jen Gerson go out of their way to really broaden their appeal, make as many friends as possible, and generally just avoid all the really icky, controversial things that are going to result in their comment section being a dumpster fire.

Well, okay, maybe that's what they should have done. 

But we can redeem ourselves! Join us in Edmonton next week! Enjoy our wit and personal presence! Enjoy our panel of brilliant people! Enjoy food and drinks! That's coming up in just a few days! Grab your tickets now.

Is Canada Ready for the Next $#!%storm?

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G&G start off the podcast with Matt noting three weird incidents from senior Liberals — including the most senior Liberal — over the last week. One of them is a serious issue, and they spend some time talking about both the political and policy ramifications of that. The other two are just bizarre and, frankly, hilarious. So enjoy that, but then pause the podcast and have a little cry, because these are the people running the country for at least the next 18 months.

The two then, with great reluctance, dare discuss U.S. politics. Donald Trump, former president of the United States and the de facto GOP nominee for the coming election, has been convicted by a jury of New Yorkers on 34 felony counts. Your hosts talk about the trial, a bit, but more about the state of America, and also whether or not Jen should take off her shirt, and then, eventually, they agree that they'd have killed Baby Hitler.

It was one of our more free-ranging segments, let's say.

And then: a group of independent Canadian media outlets and journalists released a joint statement this week, decrying the government's subsidies for media. The Line, and The Line's editors, did not sign it, even though they broadly agree with it. They talk about their reasons.

All that, and more, in the latest The Line Podcast.




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