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The Line Podcast: Trudeau and the Liberals face a cold, cruel and small summer

The Line Podcast: Trudeau and the Liberals face a cold, cruel and small summer

The title is not an intentional Ace of Base reference, we promise. But yeah, it could work as one. We get it and we aren't sorry.

In the latest episode of The Line Podcast, Matt Gurney and Jen Gerson thank the listeners, viewers and sponsors for the new equipment that they're using, which will hopefully punch this podcast up to ever-greater heights. (Once they figure out how to use it!) They also talk about the byelection in St. Paul's. Jen doesn't think the Liberals have enough time to replace Justin Trudeau. Matt says he should feel honour-bound to remain and absorb a defeat, leaving the Liberals better off to fight the next election. They both enjoyed a news report from Justin Ling in the Toronto Star. Note to federal cabinet ministers: don't have sensitive conversations in public places, because a reporter might literally be sitting next to you listening to everything.

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They also discuss what they call "cabinet ministers behaving badly." Chrystia Freeland had some weird comments about the byelection, or more specifically the electorate, and Harjit Sajjan is in hot water again. And this time, accusing critics of racism ain't gonna cut it. (It stopped cutting it a while ago, come to think of it.)

They also briefly discuss Matt's latest column, which went live on Friday. Check it out!




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As a programming note: no written dispatch this weekend, but columns to come next week. Happy Canada Day, everyone! Take care, and as always, like, subscribe, share, and all that fun stuff. Talk to you soon!

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