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The Line Podcast: Trudeau chooses Hamas

The Line Podcast: Trudeau chooses Hamas

Not every issue can be micro targeted.

In this week's The Line Podcast, Matt Gurney and Jen Gerson discuss the UN ceasefire vote, and compare it to the previous request for ceasefire with conditions, and the Liberal government's insistence that the UN ceasefire vote wasn't a vote for Hamas because, really, what even is a ceasefire anyway? Canadian representative to the UN Bob Rae knew what was up when he issued his vote and then said, on a hot mic, "we'll see how that flies." 

It's all just another example of a Canadian foreign policy that has no first principles, and a UN that primarily exists to let nations blow off steam instead of actually doing things.

Then G&G take on the Conservatives' weird votes against the Ukrainian trade deal, citing carbon tax language. Was this just a cock up? Or are the Conservatives pandering to the pro-Putin right in their own base? 

Moving on, indulge the podcast as they take you on a magical tea-filled exploration of the latest drama at independent media outlet Canadaland and its staffers, now feuding with their Jewish boss for failing to address antisemitism in his community more responsibly: ie; preferably not at all. 

Lastly, this will be The Line's last podcast before the holidays. Join us for a brief look back over a weird 2023, with more weirdness to come. 

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