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The Line Podcast: Trudeau has to defend Canada, even against Liberals

The Line Podcast: Trudeau has to defend Canada, even against Liberals

On whether we can (and will) protect ourselves. An 'We told you so' re: critical infrastructure. And declaring victory against inflation.

In the latest episode of The Line Podcast, recorded on June 7, 2024, Matt Gurney and Jen Gerson find themselves in an Edmonton Airbnb they are about to be kicked out of, still basking in the warm glow of a successful Edmonton The Line Ahead panel discussion, but also grappling with very alarming news out of Ottawa. One of the committees the government tasked with investigating the threat of foreign interference in Canada has come back with an alarming report, warning of apparent traitors within Parliament. The names are inevitably going to leak, but in the meantime, both the Liberals and Conservatives, no doubt fearful of finding out that members of their own parties are implicated, have been slow to react. That isn't going to work. Canada is capable of defending itself — hell, we are willing to defend ourselves — or we aren't. And right now, we aren't confident that we'll pick the good option.

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Meanwhile, before they leave Edmonton, both Line editors exalt in the joy of being in a city with a functional municipal water system. Jen's hometown, alas, can claim no such luck. They talk about that, and also note that they've both been warning about exactly this issue — crumbling municipal infrastructure reducing our overall quality of life — for weeks. And Calgary kindly stepped up to the plate to volunteer itself as the on-the-nose example.

They end with a quick discussion of interest rates — the Bank of Canada cut rates this week, which offers some relief for Canadians, but your editors suspect it's too little, too late for there to be much political benefit for the government. People are just too annoyed already. And a bunch of them have already renewed their mortgages at the higher rates.

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