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The Line Podcast: Trudeau's exit, traitors in the House and beer-league politics

The Line Podcast: Trudeau's exit, traitors in the House and beer-league politics

"Traitors in the House" sounds funny, but isn't. Also, if someone knows how to get in touch with Carney, Matt wants to give him decent Toronto craft brews.

In this episode of The Line Podcast, recorded on June 14, 2024, Matt Gurney finds Jen Gerson at an Alternate Location, having abandoned Calgary due to the lack of water. Just kidding! Sort of. Jen is at a family event in B.C., and it looks like a beautiful place and a fun time is being had by all, but be aware! The internet connection was a problem for Jen, so this episode will have some issues, to put it mildly. Don't worry. We made the most of it with our typical Line aplomb and sense of humour. Thanks for your patience.

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The main topic for today? Traitors in the House of Commons! Or not! While Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre both continue to say as little as possible, Green Party leader Elizabeth May and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh have read the full report, and they've reached exactly opposite conclusions. So that's not great.

Your Line editors also talk about a hilarious photo of Mark Carney, a man who would probably not pose with a Budweiser if he wasn't planning on running for high office. Jen offers a variety of salient points of analysis on matters of Canadian politics and policy. Matt talks about beer and his theory about hockey jerseys. Don't worry, it makes sense. Also, Mark Carney, if you see this, we want to make a totally sincere offer: Matt is appalled you were drinking bud and wants to put together a little care package of some decent Toronto craft brews for you.

And finally: Matt mostly keeps his powder dry here because of an upcoming column he's working on, but he does note that the bizarre signs of panic among Liberals continue to accumulate, and he wonders if the theme that connects all these stories is that we might, in fact, be headed toward an earlier election than we are expecting. 

So great. That's something to look forward to. Right?

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