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The Line Podcast: We won't let you die in a ditch

The Line Podcast: We won't let you die in a ditch

We don't have to agree. We can even hate each other. But we're still all stuck in this society, so we'd better try and stop it from imploding. Right?
Yes, we know this is in Europe. It’s a stock image. What do you want from us?

This week, The Line Podcast's Jen Gerson and Matt Gurney go deep. They discuss the $100 million Google deal to Canadian media — a win for Justin Trudeau's Liberal government, or an attempt to salvage a nearly existential catastrophe for Canadian journalism? Or both? You decide. 

Then we get into the absolute insanity of trying to justify Hamas hostage taking by parsing the emotions on the faces of hostages at the moment of release. This invariably leads into a deep philosophical discussion about how we deal with irreconcilable differences among us, and what we owe each other as citizens in a society. (Jen is a lot nicer than Matt.)

Lastly, Gerson and Gurney talk about the latest Ottawa bubble stories. Was Conservative MP Rachel Thomas insulting francophones by asking a minister to respond to a question in English? (No.) What were the Conservatives thinking when they voted against a free trade deal with Ukraine? (Not much.)

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