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The Line Podcast: Why do Canadians live in this frozen hellhole?

The Line Podcast: Why do Canadians live in this frozen hellhole?

Must be the affordable housing and accessible health care.
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Well, hello there, fans of The Line Podcast. Matt and Jen had almost too much to talk about this week, especially because breaking (and sad) news from Kensington Palace landed as they were recording. They'll get into that nearer the end, but they start with a discussion about Matt's column this week, in which he explains why he was wrong about Pierre Poilievre's electoral chances. The conversation covers not only what Matt said in his column, but also some of what he couldn't fit in. Is Poilievre lucky, or a genius? Even senior Tories can't agree. Plus, what did months of interest rate hikes do to the millions of Canadian voters who were heavily indebted? It all combines to produce what your hosts agree is an angry, alienated Canadian population. One ready for a big change.

Speaking of angry and alienated, Jen goes on to describe her fury at Calgary's latest blast of snow. True, genuine fury. She was not ready for another blizzard this week. But that conversation actually gets serious. Living with Canada's awful weather has always sucked, Matt notes, but the country has gotten so much else right that it was worth the hassle. For millions of Canadians who can't afford a house or find a family doctor, though, Canada's typical advantages are out of reach, and they're just left with the slush and the snow. How long until they start just packing up and leaving?  

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All that, and more, in this episode of The Line Podcast.

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