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The only thing more screwed than Trudeau's government is the media

The only thing more screwed than Trudeau's government is the media

Experimental Podcast Episode 0.60: A bad response to a tragedy in Alberta. Why the Liberals can't fix themselves. Another brutal day for Canadian journalism. And why fame gives you brainworms.
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Welcome to what is the final — we think? — edition of The Line’s experimental podcast. We started these 60 episodes ago just out of curiosity. Would people be interested? Would we enjoy doing it?

The answer to both questions is yes — we enjoy doing it, and thousands of you loveable weirdos listen to us every week. We’ve decided it’s time to punch things up a notch here, which is why we’re going to finally grow up, change into real pants and do a proper, edited podcast. That should start next week — the week after that, at the latest.

And yes, for those who keep asking, it will be available on all the usual platforms. But we’ll also offer it here, for those among you who are creatures of habit. And, yeah, we’ll keep swearing.

Many thanks to all of you who came along with us on this fun, weird experiment. We hope you like what’s coming next.

But for now, enjoy the latest, and probably last, experimental podcast.

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