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Totally experimental The Line podcast episode #0.2.1

Totally experimental The Line podcast episode #0.2.1

Look, it's an experiment, okay?
shallow focus photography of condenser microphone

Matt Gurney and Jen Gerson in the second, and we think improved, experimental Line podcast. It’s too long. We know. But we like gabbing.

As before, we’re still working out some bugs and learning the ropes, but this should be much smoother this time. With fewer (but not zero) toddler interruptions! This is an edited version of our first attempt at this second episode, for reasons explained in the podcast. (If you’re wondering why you received it twice, that’s why.)

Anyway. These (clearly!) remain a work in progress, but the first one took us about an hour to set up, and this one, about 10 minutes. So that’s more like it! Expect more of them. And if you’re enjoying them, and haven’t yet signed up, hit that little blue button below.

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