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Wow! Reasonable, thoughtful commentary. Very rare on this topic. Thank you.

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At some point, these TRAs are simply going to push too far and let me tell you, the backlash is going to set LGBT rights back YEARS - all thanks to TRAs who can't seem to understand that rights are hard fought for and won incrementally. The massive massive toxicity surrounding this movement (have you seen the beautiful comments where they tell women we deserve to be raped etc) makes people disgusted by it and it is so unfortunate because it only represents a microcosm of the actual real rights movement.

"There are lessons here for today’s LGBT activists. Trans woman Jessica Triff made the indisputable case for CBC that when people see us as human beings, they listen: When we engage in vicious rants, they recoil. Predictably, Trans Twitterites proved her point, denouncing her as a self-hating transphobe. When Margaret Atwood retweeted the column, they vilified her as a “fucking cunt,” “a bitch” and “a piece of shit” and suggested she “suck a fat one” and be killed by a drone. Have women ever radiated such toxic masculinity" The author discusses three people - Aside from Triff, Atwood and Rowling, countless women are subjected to the vitriol of TRAs, look at Dr. Kathleen Stock and several other women doing studies surrounding women's issues; look at the women trying to fight FGM and being attacked and vilified for using "women and girls" - even though we are the ones who are butchered in this process. They are disgusting and he isn't wrong when he says we recoil. I have been called a TERF so many times, I wear it like a badge of honour at this point.

I am a staunch advocate of LGBT rights - and I was long before it was ever cool or trendy (think 1980's Alberta) but I am disgusted by TRAs. I would also question how many of these so called trans activists really understand deeper trans issues - it isn't about just passing from what I understand from people who are actually Trans. Caitlyn Jenner saying "the hardest decision I have to make in the morning as a woman is what to wear" is deeply misogynist and pays no service to the trans people who can't even get appropriate medical care never mind the brouhaha surrounding whether or not you pass.

Chappelle only said out loud what people with no money (and afraid for their livelihoods) are thinking. He may have said it in a more crass way but he said it. What is concerning is how many people AGREE with him - and what that actually means for the rights that TRAs are supposedly fighting for.

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I interpreted his "minority until they need to be white again" as an example of how identity, especially the axes of oppression, are shuffled thru like paint swatches until the appropriate (ie. winning) one is found.

the rise of white people claiming the fuzzy but protective cloak of queer while living typical heteronormative lives tells us alot about how people are adapting to the new power structures.

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