You're going to have to interview and work with people with deeply held religious viewpoints — Jews, Muslims, Catholics, and Protestants — faiths that hold views about gender and sexuality that do not align with your own.

Yes us Baby Boomers assumed when said “snowflakes” aka millennials would get a rude awakening when they entered the real world and be forced to “grow up”. Instead what happened was the exact opposite- us Baby Boomers were the ones in for the rude awaking as our kids aka the millennials instead rebelled and force us to concede the territory.

Secondly no millennial will ever need to worry about interviewing anyone with the wrong opinions because, well those are Nazis and racists and we deplatform those type.

Finally the only worry a RU grad needs to worry about is someone going through their social media history to find those embarrassing tweets.

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Oh so you don't get the wrong impression that was a great column!

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