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Your adoration of Mark carney is sweet. Of course he’s a Rhodes scholar and a serious and accomplished dude. Anytime you hear yourself speak in such glowing terms of anyone you can probably rest assured the truth will come out shortly. He’s an arrogant SOB. He’s a board member of the World Economic Forum - along with his fellow world-changer, Chrystia Freeland. They are both such superior beings that one can only marvel at the potential for them to make Canada better for themselves...uhhh, pardon me, for all of us...PP showed a hypocrite, an arrogant person who takes his superiority seriously. But I don’t expect you to see that through your lens of adoration. Of course he’s going to run! He just wrote the book which is always followed by the run. And of course he’s very well suited to school us on Values. Ewww

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