May 21, 2022

Gradually less experimental The Line podcast episode #0.6

Kenney goes poof, monkeypox, why we don't give the government the benefit of the doubt, and Jen's fancy 'do.

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Line Editor
Commentary for Canadians.
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shallow focus photography of condenser microphone

Matt Gurney and Jen Gerson in the sixth experimental Line podcast. This week: a long chat about Kenney and Alberta, Matt gets angry dealing with government communication flaks, a bit about Huawei, and a lot about how great Jen’s hair looks.

These experimental podcasts are going well so far. We are having fun. We even got Jen a new microphone, which makes its debut in this episode (and it sounds great!). If you’re enjoying them, and haven’t joined us yet as a paying subscriber, please considering doing so today. It’ll help pay for the microphone.

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