Wow. The complexities. At the voter level, elections are so much simpler, they are way better spectator sports than participatory. (My electoral history: Rob Anders always won my Calgary riding, no matter how deeply he had recently embarrassed his party, his government, and his species. Harper protected him against his own distraught riding association. Now Hedy Fry will win my Vancouver retirement riding, no matter what I do. For elections to come, probably. End of my story.) Election *participation* is dull for most of us.

K.B.'s view also has way more complexities than the Politico article that the google AI surprisingly elevated to the top of my morning newsfeed: "Canada burns and the election heats up. Trudeau's still trying to figure out if he's a climate warrior."

If the google AI is actually a barometer of public interest in topics, then the Conservatives have a weak spot: O'Toole can't message fast enough to make people forget that his party, as a group, is still struggling to accept climate change as a Thing.

Does this really depend on a whole lot of messaging, fleet-footed shifts in emphasis, sharp ripostes to cunning attacks? Or can somebody pick up votes by just chanting "we will address climate change, they will pretend to" for the next six weeks?

Much depends on whether all those heat domes and forest fires sank in to people's hindbrains, or will be just one issue among many after snow has fallen.

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“In order to win, Conservatives need to run a perfectly flawless campaign. Liberals can often win with less than flawless.”

Completely true, as Canada's natural opposition party it takes much more work to convince Canadians that we deserve to be elected.

I sure as hell am shocked at how well O'toole is doing, I wrote him off initially as just another liberal lite especially after firing several MPs. But thinking about it more I realized it was a shot across the bow that he isn't beholden to the Alberta caucus alone.

As with anything a some luck helps and the fact that Trudeau is getting long in the tooth

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Since this election was called, I've basically been resigned to another term of a Trudeau government. Perhaps a majority, maybe another minority if lucky. I've been waiting for the Liberals to pull it together and beat back the Conservatives and NDP with their accustomed vigor. However, one thought that crosses my mind is that Trudeau's governments have been awfully shambolic and poorly managed. There's been a lot of effort on putting a happy spin on things through communications and messaging, but not a whole lot of success behind it. So, what if Trudeau's floundering campaign is just another consequence of Trudeau and his party's managerial shortcomings that we've seen when they've been in government? This really could be as good as they get. After all, from the 2004 election onwards the Liberal machine has obviously not been what it once was. It could even be argued that their decline began earlier during Pierre Trudeau's time - other than 2015, they haven't won a single majority government without the benefit of a fractured landscape of opposition parties. Well, dare to dream...

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Ha, you made me look it up. I suspect it derives from "bimbo eruption". It turns out they are both documented:



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