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This is important reporting that needs wide distribution. Especially since Mendicini was on several TV shows today spinning the governments story which is a very poor representation of the truth it seems. Trudeau needs to be held accountable for their failure.

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The whole fiasco lies at the feet of Trudeau and his incompetent ministers. Canada promised these Afghans and their families, that fought along side our troops that we would save them. Shame on Trudeau and the people that support him.

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Thanks for this Kevin. I shared your articles with a family friend who is now retired from the Canadian military. He spent some time in Kabul and witnessed first hand the ongoing corruption. He thought your articles were excellent.

For those wanting more background on the US's history in Afghanistan, check out Breaking Points. It's some of the most honest reporting and has information you won't see on any of the mainstream news sites. CNN and similar news sites are to in bed with the military complex. Glenn Greenwald also recently called them out.

Afghanistan collapse and how it was inevitable:


Afghanistan Papers Author:


How the CIA ran the Afghan drug trade:


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Nobody has explained to me why the problem wasn't over years ago. Is the complaint that it actually took eight years to process these visas, since 2013, when we announced we were going to leave? Or were these folks warned what a slow process it is, and still put off applying until Trump's declaration 16 months ago that America was pulling out last May? Anybody who waited until after that surely has to take some of their own blame, though 16 months is still unconscionable on our part.

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