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Thank you Kevin Newman! I am embarrassed, ashamed, and horrified, over this entire fiasco brought to you by the Liberal Government of Canada, and the incompetent, abysmal leadership of our country. While Justin Trudeau is gathering his paid main stream news media today and is dictating what they may or may not cover on his campaign before he announces the election, these interpreters and their families are running for their lives. The Government has known of this for a very long time but did nothing. While our allies had gathered their interpreters and any who aided them in the fight against the Taliban before the American's pulled out of Afghanistan, the Trudeau Liberals did nothing. The military and veterans begged the Government to remove these people long before the US was to pull out but they did nothing. Now as the Taliban are reclaiming Afghanistan, these men and their families are facing torcher and death for aiding the enemy, they act. I have heard the pleas of the veterans and the military officials on the Roy Green Show many times as they attempted to save these people who aided them through the peril they faced in Afghanistan. They worked together and these interpreters risked their lives for our soldiers and saved our soldiers lives many times. Due to the dismal action and having to be shamed into helping these brave people, Trudeau and his pathetic Government are now acting like they are hero's for saving them. They are still there, with their families, running for their lives with no way to contact them, as Trudeau prances about virtue signaling that they have arrived in Canada. Well that should be a news story for the paid for main stream propaganda pushing news media of today, of that I am sure. It will be the headline of the day in time for Trudeau to announce the election. Mark my word, this Government is anything but virtuous in any way, in fact its quite the opposite. So far the only thing this Trudeau Liberal Government has done for Canada and Canadian's, besides indebt us for decades and decades, is to make us all ashamed of being Canadian. I know I am, now.

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