I'm sure Mr. Trudeau (and the rest of the cabinet) are losing a few seconds of sleep over the fact that they didn't vote on this issue.... but not much.

I'm sure that the families of the "Two Michaels" held captive by China are slightly relieved that he didn't by the way.

As the article states it would have made zero difference. China has 40 times our population and nearly 10 times our economy.

The hypocrisy and pure politics of Mr. O'Toole in proposing this motion alone with no mention of Myanmar (Rohingya Muslims), Saudi Arabia (Yemeni Shia Muslims), Israel (Palestinian Muslims, Christians, and Druz), .... and Canada (indigenous people) is what needs an apology. Any of the above might have had more effect had they been included.

China's leaders are a good target though. They call themselves the Chinese Communist Party but as we say, "If you go far enough left you collide with the far right." Might as well call them the Chinese Fascist Party.

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I hate to admit it but the CPC has the right idea when it comes to china.The LPC government's desire to offend no one is in some ways understandable for a small power such as Canada. But it is vital to know when your strategy no longer applies and when it is time to act. The current government does not seem to understand this.

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self-righteous pricks do not lose sleep over small stuff like genocide

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