Most journalists have been fleeing to comms jobs! It’s a disruptive time and trust is the most difficult piece of social capital to rebuild once it’s broken. The Edelman report shows that when it comes to the public and journalism, it’s pretty broken

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I admit I haven't read it but does she mention the fact that the existence of Substack and other outside mainstream media has been greatly driven by the readers/consumers themselves? As you mentioned, traditional news sources fired the journalists I liked, and filled their spots with new people who all seem to follow a predictable recipe for "correct ways of thinking" and yes, produced nothing but "opinion pieces". So I left. I found better people and more well-researched and scholarly articles.

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You said:

You should respect your employers, but you should not be blindly loyal to them. They won't be loyal to you — not because the bosses aren't nice people (most of them honestly are), but because journalism is a business, and a dying one

That is true for any industry, you can respect the company, but you better understand they aren't loyal to you.

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