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Appreciated. I was arms-length from the TV when 11 landed, just turned 11 myself, and was totally swept up by it. The new TV series "For All Mankind" imagines what could have been done if the military and space budgets had been swapped.

As huge a fan as I've been all my life (most of my library is SF), I have to admit there's no reason to go except to see what's there, it's a total luxury, when so many humans lack necessities. But it's the space-vs-military issue that can't be argued. If we have the luxury to fill the planet with F15s, drones, and aircraft carriers, we could have filled the heavens with laboratories and telescopes.

Mike and friends took crazy, stupid risks, just to prove it was possible. Highest honours.

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What brilliant scientists and engineers are achieving on Mars gives me hope that I will see humans on the red planet in my lifetime.

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Thank you Matt—nice article. The second one I’ve read on this topic today. Must be something in the air! https://www.marssociety.org/news/2021/04/26/history-as-a-bridge-between-worlds/

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Amazing what they accomplished with what they had.

Small correction - I think you meant to write: "Of the 12 men to *walk* on the moon".

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