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Thank you. This is an excellent explanation regarding WEF and conspiracy issues -- or as a convenient cover for them! [/Joke]

I would add a few items that lead to some of the conspiracy issues on both sides. On the observable information side, I would also add a few items:

1) Ngaire Woods, founding dean of the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, at The Great Narrative: A call to action, streamed live on Friday the 12th of November 2021. English subtitles, saying the following:

“The good news is the elites across the world trust each other more and more, so we can come together and design and do beautiful things together. The bad news is that in every single country they were polling, the majority of people trusted their elite less. So, we can lead, but if people aren’t following, we’re not going to get to where we want to go.”

Source: https://www.weforum.org/events/the-great-narrative-2021/sessions/closing-plenary-03768dee1f



2. When asked about in Parliament, a question about Klaus Schwab and this "cabinet infiltration" was ignored, labelled a "conspiracy theory", and then dismissed without being addressed.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFTVCJr8-qg

3. UN airplanes at North Bay airport on Feb 20, including one that looks intentionally blacked out. This is a few hours from Ottawa, at the same time as the mass police action in Ottawa. There appears to be no public information on why they are there. If it is related to the Ottawa protests, why would multiple UN planes be there for a Canadian protest? Is it UN police brought in to help? What are the implications and legalities of foreign personnel used in policing Canadian protestors and why would the UN support this?




4. The use of the Emergencies Act as the first engagement step of the government, with no effort to even discuss issues with the protesters, no existing plan as far as when mandates will end, and no discussion about planning for a plan. No engagement with the issues at all, implying that the issue is not about science or safety as is being used in other jurisdictions, or WHO and other orgs being against vaccine mandates and passports: (https://adnausica.substack.com/p/who-keeps-on-trucking).

Combined with the divisive rhetoric, the wrong group of people by vaccination status instead of risk status, and the obsessive single-mindedness about vaccination as the only thing that matters, the implication is the mandates are not about a scientific plan, public health, bioethics, but some other purpose. It appears to be more of politically divisive purposes rather than some global "compliance to authority", but it can fit the latter hypothesis too.

5. The tracking functions of the digital passports, tracking locations of millions of Canadians, and as noted by the protest spokesman, Ben Dichter, the government is tracking which citizens are approaching the border and can to the same with any location in Canada to keep track of who is where. That is fairly dystopian monitoring of the citizens.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STsPovzkwN4

These are all indicative of large issues with respect to transparency, engagement, and information availability to the public. The evidence fits multiple hypotheses; it can fit the narrative in this article or it can fit the "global cabal" narrative.

Simply ignoring the questions (#2) and calling it a conspiracy theory just furthers the conspiracy theory. An answer similar to the article here at The Line would have been much better. There's no explanation; just dismissal. That's a problem.

As suggested here in the article, the secrecy is a problem. People in positions of power, wealth, and influence meeting behind closed doors while talking about trusting each other and working together, and with poor relationships to "the people", implies an ingroup of global "elites" who think of themselves as elites and a ruling class, at odds with the people they "rule over". There's a atmosphere of self-importance, entitlement to rule, and dismissal of their "lessers".

The idea of global "elites" meeting at such organizations in general seems like a very bad idea. The same sort of conspiracies grew out of the Bilderberg meetings as well. If conferences like this are going to happen, they should either exclude politicians or should be a lot more transparent.

I know some of these overlap with the article here, but one that I think needs significant highlighting is, "Those who would mainstream conspiracy theories with newspaper columns or statements in the House of Commons need to do better."

Indeed. On the political side, the PM himself and the House of Commons and Senate debates were quite good examples of this, suggesting the protests were extremists, foreign-funded, racists, misogynists, anti-vax, violent, desecrated the War Memorial (didn't happen), defaced the Terry Fox status (a Canadian flag and a sign saying "Freedom"), and all sorts of insults and conspiracy theories.

The press has been similar to worse. Even The Line here, which claims to reject "bullshit", has published multiple articles claiming that the protest was anti-vax and that the organizers wanted to overthrow the government and insert themselves into it. They confused the Freedom Convoy 2022 with the group, Canada Unity, which had a convoy to Ottawa in Oct 2016 and delivered an MOU to the Senate on Dec 10. Freedom Convoy 2022 started by completely different people in mid-January with a completely different approach. Canada Unity then pivoted their approach to match it and some of them volunteered to help: https://adnausica.substack.com/p/protesting-the-pretext-of-the-protests

The Line has also tried to portray the protests as having a "dark side" and that, while there were "some" people who thought it was all a peaceful protest effort, that in reality there was something else afoot. Except, its stated objectives and approach from the start were peaceful and only about the mandates and passports and that never changed. If there was a dark side in Ottawa, they stayed quiet for 3 weeks, hid themselves well, did nothing, even when the police started beating and assaulting protestors they still did nothing. No guns, no bombs, no fires, no gangs ... nothing. It was entirely consistent with its founding intentions stated publicly many times.

But, will we see the press .-- including independent outlets like The Line -- apologize for their conspiracy theories and getting it wrong? I doubt it, but one can hope.

Politicians and the press have a much greater responsibility because information is their job and people listen to them. People en masse do not listen to me or other commenters on the internet.

Compare the level of bullying and harm. The author here had to deal with some guy seeming threatening in a bar. Sounds quite unfortunate and a little scary. Mainstream press from places like CNN, CBC, and CTV had to deal with boos and hisses, people yelling at them to go away. Indeed, tough.

Now compare that "bullying" to all of the broken families split based on press and politician lies about the protests, or about the risks of unvaccinated people before that. All of the people with lost jobs. Those arrested, banks accounts seized, vehicles seized, lives ruined.

Politicians and the press seem to complain about how hard they have it for having to deal with intimidation, sometimes based on conspiracy theories and sometimes based on bad things that they actually do. That seems completely oblivious to the mass suffering that they, themselves, cause on the populations.

Politicians are supposed to represent the people. They are supposed to listen, engage, and address concerns. They are servants of the public, not critics of the public. The Press are supposed to hold politicians to account, not take ideological sides and not attack the citizens. Neither are supposed to lie, and both have immense responsibility to check their facts, correct their mistakes, and apologize when they get it wrong. Otherwise, many people can get hurt. And they have.

When we have a political class and press that do their jobs properly and with integrity, the population behaves well. We are very far from that place right now. I personally ask that both politicians and the press do some internal evaluation; Are you aiming to tell the truth or just "win"? Are you aiming to inform or to promote a narrative? Have you checked your facts or are you just accepting what you are told?

This is your job. It is not our job; we don't get paid to perform these functions. We get nothing out of writing these comments. My goal is only to correct the mistakes and to fact check the claims of the press and politicians because I care about the state of our society. I don't care about "winning", I care about integrity and honesty. Can you please do the same.

Again, thank you for this article. It is good, but I fear the people who need to hear it won't listen.

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It would be nice if MP's acted like our representatives in Ottawa as opposed to Ottawa's representative in our ridings. Then people might feel like their MP was working for them, not for the government, or PMO.

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Michele, you cannot possibly be so naïve as to think that when a group of undeniable elites from both government and business enabled the richest in the world to dramatically increase their wealth from government largess during a worldwide pandemic that there is no link. Maybe there is no conspiracy but only coincidence -- in the same way that there was never any "old boy" conspiracy or glass ceiling or racial bias.

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Feb 25, 2022·edited Feb 25, 2022

I don’t think the author is doing it intentionally - but this article is just more elite gaslighting. We all understand that the WEF isn’t sending instructions to Justin Trudeau. On the other hand the author seems to be trying to make us believe that the WEF isn’t influential - while showing how influential they are. There is a video circulating from the Canadian Bankers Association pitching a digital ID for all Canadians. The video explicitly discusses how this is supported by the WEF. Banks in Canada are enormously influential - and apparently they really care what the WEF thinks. The idea of a digital ID is creepy and authoritarian. It is linked to one of the proposals from the Trudeau government that we should never be anonymous on the internet- that we are always linked to our online ID. Which of course is linked to the very real Covid pass we have all been forced to carry around. The reason Trudeau, big banks, and their enablers in the media would like this became pretty clear last week. It will make crushing dissent much more efficient. By seizing peoples ability to function financially- by doxxing ridiculing and attacking them - all outside normal judicial channels. So call me a conspiracy theorist. Trudeau showed us how brutal a Canadian government can get - and how compliant the media and big corporations are when that happens. All of this appears to be WEF approved.

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The concerns with the WEF playbook are global. I appreciate your well thought out submission and hope your downplaying of your WEF involvement is true. It is reported that both Freelund & Carney are WEF board members - if this is true this implies their involvement is based more on ideology - not just an opportunity to hobnob with the global elites.

Yes, lets hope the goals of "The Great Reset" are just pie in the sky and the long list of global politicians & elites who are attached to this movement are in fact just a glorified group of busy bodies with nothing better to do. Only time will tell.

It is very sad that extreme behavior towards our politicians & influencers both on the web and in person is occurring, but it cannot be a surprise as the increasing level of divisive speech steers people to the extremes.

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Better yet why not boycott the WEF altogether? If it’s merely for the elite how does that bear well for society in general? It smacks of old time mens club in the Victorian era, and only worsens the class divide in Canada and other nations.

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Just move along folks...nothing to see here. It's all a big nothingburger. Don't bother your little heads about foreign ideological influences or lobby money...the government will take good care of you and do what's right for Canada. You just have to trust us.

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Feb 24, 2022·edited Feb 24, 2022

There are also many facts, and to some they matter. For instance, the fact that Christia Freeland (aka protégé writer of the biography of George Soro's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdUaEE7mr2w ) is a sitting member on the WEF Board of Trusties, as was Marc Carney, Mr. Fink (Blackrock Investments https://www.influencewatch.org/for-profit/blackrock-inc/ ) all who are in positions of either Governmental or financial influence in Canada. If one is to look on the WEF site there are many of the Business Partners with the WEF who are extremely large and influential in Big Pharma names such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Big technology we all know who they are, biochemistry and financial Investment Companies and Banks.

I believe that Michelle has left out the Liberal's Canada Investment Bank to which there were multiple stories by main stream newspapers depicting the connections of which has had much influence and cooperation with BlackRock Investments. https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwj7grnV-Zj2AhW5LTQIHQGGBPwQFnoECCoQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fcampaignforaccountability.org%2Fnew-report-adds-to-conflict-of-interest-concerns-surrounding-blackrocks-advisory-role-in-trudeaus-canada-infrastructure-bank%2F&usg=AOvVaw3ViNzwE5kYo4FT8vLPfCAh

When one considers how BlackRock has become so influential in the investment world as it takes in Government(taxpayers) money from countries around the world to invest in globalist agendas makes conspiracies difficult to explain away. Perhaps its just plain collusion by these big financiers and globalist Governments, you pick.

The Liberal Party was voted in with the promise of transparency and accountability to the people. They are the most secretive and corrosive Government I have seen in my life time. They audit nothing, as they do not supply auditors with enough money to audit anything. There is zero accountability and denigration of those who dare ask for it. Everything is a secret that must be kept from our Parliament and the elected officials of the people they are suppose to be serving. The stunts and actions of the Liberals leaves anyone who has any suspicions of foul play a gambit of reasons to consider anything is possible. Conspiracy or not. If one looks at the facts, one has to assume something is going on and it obvious there is collusion between financial institutions and Government. Collusion between main stream media and Government. That is called fascism Michelle.

The silencing of decent, the constant gaslighting of the people, and turning into authoritarian regime when someone dares stand up to the group think and constant power grab, the media and Liberal/NDP coalition government attack them like hungry wolves. Conspiracy theory is what globalists use to denigrate people as being uneducated and leaning off the edge. Its to downplay the whole idea they could possibly be doing something nefarious. They are hiding much and by doing so they create the atmosphere for conspiracy, or its collusion again, you pick.

No Government does what this government has to keep things from the public. So you can call it what ever you like Michell but for now their actions have been secret and lately just plain evil. Remember if you say anything loud and long enough people will believe it, if not just to shut you up.

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This is not really about Klaus Shwab. When you get a group like the WEF, which brings together some of the most powerful people and groups in the world, including the Bill Gates/Big Pharma consortium, investors who own controlling shareholder positions in every major company on the planet including media and tech, and assorted backroom boys/girls from every nation, and they discuss their plans for our future, you can't help but think they'll have some strategy to implement those plans. Then when you see media ignore any covid/vaccine story that is not part of the official message, Big Tech censoring any dissenting information, and Big Pharma wielding its influence over governments worldwide, it's not a conspiracy anymore. We're just joining the dots.

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Rambling. Often incoherent. Opinion posited as fact. Lots, and lots, and lots, of personal congratulations. This is what to expect from so-called leaders? When she isn't whistle calling against men for being menacing, she's bullying men for displaying softer qualities. After reading this I have no idea what this woman wants -- other than to hear herself talk. Could she maybe recommend something that needs to happen to heal the divide, and stop the growth of both the extreme right and extreme left in Canada?

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"Video also emerged of Klaus Schwab implying that the WEF had influence over attendees who had secured roles in the cabinets of several countries, including Canada. When I saw it, I was shocked at the presumption of the claim that he had influence over Canadian lawmakers by simple virtue of giving them an award."

By accepting the award you gave them leverage over you and permission to use your face and image in their sales literature. That was naive.

As you say, the WEF is largely harmless and I think it exists only to enrich the already-rich. That, and giving the media plebes a chance to hob-nob seems to be its principle value.

Unfortunately, the result back home is even more distrust of elites and a deeper class divide.

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Run for leader.

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Some random thoughts:

Thanks for addressing this. I'm sorry you have to deal with hostile people so much. You're an asset to conservatives, please don't get discouraged.

You bring up good points. I wonder if Schwab is to the right what the Koch brothers are (still?) to the left. Every religion needs a devil, I suppose.

You forgot to mention Steve Bannon, who refers to the elites as "the party of Davos", and has been building an audience on this. WEF isn't helping with their "you will own nothing and be happy" weirdness.

We need to have conversations on these ideas, and dismissing them as "conspiracy theories" doesn't help, it just feeds them.

It's been mentioned elsewhere, but we're seeing the left/right paradigm morph into a upper/lower class dynamic. Elites of all stripes get to hobnob in Switzerland while the great unwashed pray their jobs won't get outsourced and hope energy prices won't crush them. We don't get to debate these ideas that feel like rehashed communism.

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I want to assure Michelle that those of us left of centre certainly do not regard the WEF as left of centre.

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Wow, what a serious amount of chutzpah Ms. Rempel-Garner has. A MP in her own bloody party just got up the other day in PARLIAMENT to ask about how many members of government were influenced by this. Read that sentence again. A duly elected member of parliament from the conservative party of canada actually stood up in parliament and asked how many members of government were involved in this. It would also be nice if she would have acknowledged how the right leaning media (hey Ezra Levant, looking directly at you) plays this garbage up with their misleading headlines etc but instead we get.... this.

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Thanks for the article and for your service to the country. I hear there is an opening for the top job; have you considered applying for it?

You might want to have a second at the next to last paragraph. Sentences 2 and 3 are identical and I think sentence 4 is missing a word or two after "Twitter bot", perhaps "generated" or created.

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