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Not-even-close-to-being-experimental-anymore The Line podcast episode #0.10

Not-even-close-to-being-experimental-anymore The Line podcast episode #0.10

RCMP. Abortion. MRG vs. the CPC. And why things are going to get absolutely bonkers now.
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Matt Gurney and Jen Gerson in the 10th (not really) experimental Line podcast. In this episode: it had been a slow week, until things went nuts. We so take on the controversy surrounding RCMP Commissioner Brendi Lucki (she needs to resign, we conclude), analyze the dissent from the three U.S. Supreme Court justices that voted against repealing Roe v. Wade, discuss the collapse of the CPC into something very weird and different, and Matt explains why he thinks things are about to get totally frickin’ bonkers. And like, not in a good way.

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