The Line doesn't seem to have any contact info, I might as well comment here, and see if anybody can answer my question: Can the new generation of shoestring operations and impoverished independent journalists afford access to databases of media coverage? For decades, "lexisnexis" has been a fairly expensive subscription, but worth it for large newspapers and studios. I'm not sure if new things like "The Line" could afford it.

I'm doing a presentation on Over-the-air TV and how it's the last information source that isn't locked up in proprietary boxes; OTA broadcasts can be searched for how often certain topics come up, for instance.

The couple of slides I'd hoped the folks at The Line could have contributed a factoid or so about that, I've posted at http://brander.ca/jengerson/ in hopes of explaining the question.

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Newspapers kept sucking the $$ out of their businesses instead of immediately hopping onto digital. They could have beat Kijiji & Craig's List easily since people already trust them & they had a ready market. Nope....just kept sucking money out & now they're left with a dead shell.

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