CBC is not there. Our embassy bails out quickly leaving no one to help coordinate the pull out. Perhaps it's a Canadian thing? Not enough spine.

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CBC is not worthy of any recognition on the reporting of the news on a regular day here at home, let alone in a war torn country. The CBC appeals only to the Liberal elites agenda and unfortunately they find the whole Afghanistan War distasteful. The Liberals have shown their displeasure of our armed forces being in conflict in many ways, from the treatment of our veterans to the delays in the building of the war memorial for those who lost their lives in Afghanistan. The lack of any attempt to bring those interpreters that aided our armed forces to Canada even at the pleading of veterans before the country collapsed to the take over of the Taliban. The Liberal Government has much more useful things in mind for our armed forces to do such as propagating to Canadians. Here I was thinking that was CBC's job.

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You can bet every CBC on air personality will be wearing a poppy on November 11th...

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I feel like the kid who kept pumping his arm, "Mr. Kotter! Mr. Kotter!", eager to answer the question in class. I know this one!

We have very little coverage of Afghanistan because nobody cares about it, and would not click on the story.

Briefly, we have an exception to that rule, only because of violence that may touch Canadians (or the would-be Canadians we feel a debt to from service 7 years back). As is the main story, nobody expected that violence, at least not so soon. Journos didn't; intelligence agencies didn't; and the current victims themselves, on-the-ground and with intense reasons to think about it...didn't. Total surprise. I saw a guy (on CBC news) last night who clearly started thinking about leaving just a few weeks ago - clearly he didn't expect it, after working with western news people for most of his career.

If we'd known there was bleeds-it-leads coming, of course we'd have been there for it, for the peril of people *connected* to us.

But we don't care about Afghanistan. Neither Mr. Menzies, nor anybody else, has ever emitted an anguished cry about why we don't have news stringers in:






We only cared about Afghanistan more than the five above, because westerners travelled there and did things there, imbuing it with interest. Fun game: without touching google, can you guess which of those above is nearly the size of western Europe? Which one has a higher population, Uzbekistan or Tajikistan? ...and that's how much we cared about Afghanistan, before westerners showed up in 1979, and how much we'll care next year.

In other news, Madagascar has an actual famine going, the first climate-change-caused famine. Thousands will die, soon. We have no CBC there, either, nor did Peter Menzies consider writing a column about that.

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We have become a timid chronically risk adverse people. We aren't a serious people working to enter the group of large nations. We are a nation of 40 million that still behaves culturally like we are a nation of 10 million.

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