If they showed up in orbit and sent messages down, I could understand that.

If they snuck up, and used their Technology Indistinguishable From Magic to hide from all our radars and observations and just observe, I could understand that.

"Sneaking" around so badly that they're seen every day for long periods, and many know there's something there, but not what, I can't even imagine a motive.

Comments also apply to a hypothetical human state (or group) that had discovered Wakanda-level technology out of the comics. Russia would announce it to be terrifying, China would sell it; nobody would use it to scare the crap out of a nation with 10,000 nuclear bombs. Nor would any modern leader use it to Take Over The World. America has kind of proved that vast technological differences can be used to kill people, but not to run nations and force them to be productive.

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