This is a poorly written piece. Viewing Canadian policies through the lens of comparison with US seems to be the default setting for most commentators - and it is frankly unoriginal and disgusting. The Canadian policies must be judged on its own merit - not as guilt by association with whatever it is some unrelated provocateur says in the US.

I say this as someone who was traumatized by the US immigration system for about 10 years until I left there to move to Canada who welcomed me as a Permanent resident. And it was the Canadian points based system that rewarded me for my skills, knowledge and experience - the same things that didn't matter one bit in the US green card system. So before you demonize the points based system by lazily associating it with Trump and Coulter, you really should know that it benefits a lot of people like me who wanted to get out of the US.

So please stop with the false equivalence and the guilt by association. Honestly I am disappointed with The Line here. I subscribed to read more Canadian commentary, not American perspectives judging Canadian policies.

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I enjoyed this piece and the commentary is pretty interesting since it is the rare piece that calls out Canadians on their hypocrisy when it comes to thoughts and ideas (and actions) on immigration. I say this as someone who came to Canada in 1977 as a refugees, and someone who has worked with our immigration system on occasion to assist people who don't know how to navigate it. Canadians like to think we are this benevolent society who just is ok with letting people in. They don't understand that it isn't luck but pure skills and the correct scaling on the points process that gets people in here.... or that if some of them had to immigrate to their own country, they wouldn't meet the requirements.

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