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These are valuable columns for the inadvertent look they give at political thinking. When you chase the links, 55% of Texans want the same, or reduced, restrictions on abortion. 75% of Canadians are 'satisfied' at the current level, which is, well, reduced restrictions compared to Texas, pre-new-law. That 20% gap is "the moon" to a political consultant, though it wouldn't strike you as sharply different, in daily life, if you moved from one community to another. You'd still find a majority of abortion-supporters.

Indeed, the "hey, calm down, this is Canada" message is undercut by the data, which shows that you can lose abortion access even if you have a clear majority in favour of the same or more access.

But the big political insight is Mr. Boessenkool's theory that the Trudeau campaign is not helpless to prevent a crowd from meeting within earshot of his speeches, but are cultivating the background noise as a strawman. Nobody else is thinking that, but he might be right.

If so, it's very sharp: why run against the CPC when you can run against crazed, violent anti-vaxxers with the popularity of skunks?

He's even doing his job in government, at the same time: it strikes me as a legitimate function of goverment itself to make anti-vaxxers look stupid, offensive, and criminal just now. And, sweetly, you can do that by just ensuring that a prime-ministerial coverage camera is pointed at them while they indict themselves for all three things.

This guy is brilliant! Thanks for pointing it out, Ken!

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