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The Line Podcast: All Politicians Are Killing Journalism

The Line Podcast: All Politicians Are Killing Journalism

Killing us with scorn and killing us with kindness. We're dead either way. Lots more uplifting content in this episode, too!

After offering a brief update on the hostage transfers between Hamas and Israel, The Line Podcast with Matt Gurney and Jen Gerson delves right back into parochial Canadian current events by chatting about the explosion on the Rainbow Bridge. We, too, feared terrorism at first, as did much of the media. Turns out, it was just some dude driving Dukes of Hazzard-style into the border crossing. Phew?

Now the fallout; critics are piling on Conservative opposition leader Pierre Poilievre for initially describing the incident as "terrorism" in the House. When Poilievre was challenged by a CP reporter, he took no prisoners, leading Gurney et al to remind all beloved colleagues that the Conservatives are playing against an unpopular media because it works. 

Speaking of which, the Liberals have decided to kill journalism with kindness; the latest economic update announced an increase to the journalism labour tax credit, ensuring that many (most?) remaining journalists in this country are subsidized in part by the federal government. That, we're sure, will fix it! As will impossible promises from the CRTC that new broadcasting regulations won't extend to podcasting. 

Lastly, The Line talks the fall economic update, and rants about the election of Argentinian president Javier Milei. 

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