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The Line Podcast: Only you can save us from a life of politics and/or public service

The Line Podcast: Only you can save us from a life of politics and/or public service

Trust us, you want us right where we are, far away from power.

We're back! After a refreshing holiday, The Line Podcast's Jen Gerson and Matt Gurney are together again to discuss the state of play in Canadian politics. Have the Liberals under Justin Trudeau bottomed out? Why can't they seem to secure a comeback — Gerson thinks she knows: it's because everybody's broke, and the Liberals are fixated on electric vehicles, plastic bags, and carbon taxes. 

The Line offers a quick update on Israel, and the federal government's incoherent and constantly wavering position on the International Court of Justice: turns out, we will abide by the ruling on whether Israel is committing genocide, even though we don't agree with the premise of the case. That ... does not make sense. Matt also has a simple message for Pakistan and Iran: not now, guys.

Your editors also talk Alberta politics: why did Canada's most energy-rich province almost freeze to death in the cold? And what to make of NDP leader Rachel Notley stepping down from her role. 

Lastly, Gerson and Gurney talk about Sabrina Maddeaux, the National Post columnist who announced her candidacy for the Conservatives. They then talk more generally about journalists who escape this wretched hive of scum and villainy to enter an even grungier Mos Eisley cantina — politics. Why does this seem to be becoming more normal, and what can you do to prevent more of it? Like and subscribe to The Line.

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It is great to be back and we are sorry we were gone so long. We meant to come back last week, but, well, listen to the pod. It explains all.

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