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The Line Podcast: Pierre Poilievre vs. the Carbon Tax Economists

The Line Podcast: Pierre Poilievre vs. the Carbon Tax Economists

Also, when the central bankers start warning about emergencies ...

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In the latest episode of The Line Podcast, recorded on March 29, 2024 — and happy Easter, everyone! — the dynamic Line editing duo first start by indulging Matt in some pure speculation. He has a hunch that after months of getting their butts kicked, the Liberals, specifically Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, might be starting to find their fight again. It's too soon to say for sure, but they'll be watching to see if the Liberals even have enough energy left to make a contest of it.

Jen takes over then, and the two talk at length about the carbon tax, and a letter signed by many leading Canadian economists this week that lauds carbon pricing. The two don't disagree on the economics, but they do suspect that some of our leading economic thinkers may not have thought through the political ramifications of this. Does anyone think that Pierre Poilievre is worried that academic elites want the carbon tax to stay? Read the room, guys. Look around at the state of things. Are they trying to get him elected?

Matt then notes a damned interesting speech by the Bank of Canada's senior deputy governor. In it, Carolyn Rogers warned a Halifax audience that Canada's economy is now in a state of "emergency." It's an interesting speech on its own merits, but what really caught Matt's attention was the simple fact that central bankers don't talk about emergencies even during literal emergencies, like plagues and wars. How freaked out must they be to talk this bluntly in prepared remarks?

Jen then provides a quick update on the Nenshi campaign for Alberta NDP leader. It's starting to look like he's going to run away with it. She explains why.

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