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The Line Podcast: Royal Tea — Meghan Markle turns life's lemons into Lemonada

The Line Podcast: Royal Tea — Meghan Markle turns life's lemons into Lemonada

With special guest royals watcher Patricia Treble.

Hey, what’s this? Another podcast? What gives?

Never fear, Line listeners — Gurney and Gerson will be back to their usual tricks on Friday. But we’ve been meaning to roll out an additional podcast for a while — less back-and-forth banter, more us just straight-up interviewing someone with genuine expertise in something that’s hot in the news. We were going to roll this out in a more formal way in the spring, but we had a great opportunity to come up to chat with special guest Patricia Treble, Canadian royal watcher and writer at the Write Royalty Substacak. So why wait? Let’s just soft launch the new pod and sip some tea.

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In this special episode, they discuss King Charles III's cancer diagnosis, what that means for the operation of government, and when a regency could be declared. Paired with news that Catherine, Princess of Wales, underwent abdominal surgery in hospital, the newfound transparency represents a sea change for the Royal family, which has historically been far more reticent to discuss their health matters. 

Then Gerson and Treble dive into all things Harry and Meghan because — well — they cannot help themselves. In the wake of the King's terrible cancer news, the Sussexes’ attempt a rebrand with a new website. And Meghan announces a deal with a podcasting production firm Lemonada. Is a comeback on the make? 

Lastly, Netflix dropped its teaser trailer for Scoop, a movie that is set to explore the downfall of Prince Andrew thanks to his notorious relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. 

If you're a fan of Royal Tea, do consider joining us for a cuppa.  


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