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The Line Podcast: Trudeau hits the abortion panic button awfully early

The Line Podcast: Trudeau hits the abortion panic button awfully early

Sabrina Maddeaux ejects. Calgary moves fast on an encampment. Rex Murphy passes on. And much, much more in this week's episode.

In the latest episode of The Line Podcast, recorded on May 10, 2024, the Line editors start with some goings-on in the GTA, after aspiring CPC candidate (and former National Post columnist) Sabrina Maddeaux this week announced that she was suspending her effort to win the nomination in a 905 riding because of what she alleges was inappropriate interference in the campaign by party officials. Jen is skeptical, and explains why, but Matt notes that whatever the merits (or lack thereof) in Sabrina's claims, this is the second CPC would-be nominee in that part of the GTA to suspend their campaign, with the first being friend of The Line Kaveh Shahrooz. Both have had critical words for the party on the way out. Maybe it's just rookie candidates being shocked by how political politics is, but there might be something here that the party should be looking at. 

From there, your editors stay on politics, and talk about the recent furor over the Conservatives saying that they'd be open to using the notwithstanding clause to keep dangerous criminals behind bars. This is generally fine with both Matt and Jen, who also note that the Liberal attempts to immediately spin this into a threat to gay rights and abortion aren't the brilliant idea they think it is. "The only way to protect gay marriage is to let repeat violent offenders out on bail" is a slogan the PMO might want to run by a few more focus groups, is all they're saying. G&G also note that the Liberals are smashing the "POILIEVRE WILL BAN ABORTION" panic button awfully early, and wonder if this is the last thing the Liberals will try before Trudeau decides to talk a walk in the snow (or sand, or whatever). 

They touch on the encampment that remains in Toronto and that didn't last long in Calgary, and also note the passing of Rex Murphy, a former colleague of both from their National Post days. They also talk about Rex's days as a broadcaster at the CBC before he was a columnist at the Globe and the Post, and muse about what will be left of the industry once Matt and Jen eventually reach the end of their lives. Journalism has already changed so much. What's next?

Very uplifting stuff, we promise.

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