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The Line Podcast: Tucker Carlson almost gets himself banned from Canada

The Line Podcast: Tucker Carlson almost gets himself banned from Canada

Carlson comes to Canada and says gross things. Our politics get stupider. A big decision on the Emergencies Act. And Calgary slips further into hell, one fast-food trip at a time.

This week in The Line Podcast, Matt Gurney and Jen Gerson chat about Tucker Carlson's visit to Alberta — or as Liberals put it, the visit of a homophobic hate monger whose presence evokes the threat of violence by MAGA far-right Conservatives. We deem all of this stupid, and expect more stupidity. So much more.

Then they chat about Durham Conservative Candidate Jamil Jivani, and what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meant by calling him a "twofer" — racist dog whistle, or manipulative video editing? (It's the video editing.) Regardless, it's all stupid, too.

G&G also tackle the Liberals' long-anticipated communications pivot to openly comparing Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre to Donald Trump. It's not going to work — and the fact that the Liberals think this is a good idea is demonstrative of just how radically out of touch they are with how angry Canadians are, and what they're struggling with. But maybe we're wrong. 

Lastly, Gerson rants about Calgary's dystopian hellscape punish-the-povos $.15 fee on paper drive-through bags, and Matt orders her to buy her kiddos an insane amount of fast food. For the likes.

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