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I'm going to stick my neck out here, so please know 1) Am Yisrael Chai 2) I have a deep abiding love and respect for the Jewish people 3) I've been bonding with my closest jewish friends for the last several weeks because I am besides myself in horror watching the blatant Jew-hatred marching proudly in the streets.

I don't think Elon is antisemitic. He seems to have very clumsily pointed out that the ADL have been seeing nazis where they dont exist (the O.K. sign is a white supremacist salute) while also playing footsie with far left ideas of "white people bad". We can look to our own beloved Canadian Anti-Hate Network, where Bernie Farber has advanced the idea that anyone who doesn't like covid vaccine mandates is a literal confederate nazi, while keeping completely silent as Adil Charkaoui publicly calls to exterminate "Zionists ;) ". I think it's valid to call these organizations out, but his words were far too general and allowed for the interpretation that he was adressing the "Jewish Community" as a whole. Unless of course there was some truly egregious tweet that I missed, in which case yes I condemn Elon Musk. I have of course seen some memebers of the "dissident right" do what Elon's been accused of and attack Jews in general.... it's amazing how many people hate Jews more than they like political victory.

I've been warning my lefty Jewish friends for years that the concepts of White People Bad, Oppressor-Oppressed, Colonizer, Overrepresented group, evil white cis-heterocapitalist patriarchy etc. were inevitably going to be targeted at Jews. They now agree, because that's exactly what's happened - Israeli's are White Colonizers Capitalists, don't you know.

I've written this mucho texto because I really want to make sure that criticism of those organizations and criticism of far left neoracism is not bundled together with *actual* far right anti-semitism and dismissed. I'm already seeing MSNBC, Wapo, and Guardian headlines doing exactly that.

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Great podcast, as always. Keep it up!

I was hoping to hear Jen’s take on the announcement this week that the government wasn’t going to regulate podcasts, contrary to what the CRTC announced last month or so. Is this a real change from what the CRTC announced, or did they just hide it in the details that the reporting missed?


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I am not sure I agree with Jen on the moral panic angle. It doesn't quite have the same feel as the moral panics that Stanley Cohen, the originator of the term, cites in his book or as the more modern examples. I am hoping that Jen can further argue her point in an upcoming dispatch. Otherwise, I will have to wait for her book. Cohen's Folk Devils and Moral Panics is one of my favourite books. I am looking for Jen's fresher take on the subject.

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Jen and Matt . . . . Thank you for your discussion of the Gaza conflict and drawing attention to the destruction compared to other examples of urban warfare such as what the Russians are inflicting on communities in Ukraine. As to the rise in antiemititism, I believe the Gaza conflict has exposed a national cancer that has always been present in Canada. While our political leaders trumpet our supposed "national" values "on behalf of all Canadians", it is clear that geographic and tribal conflicts and hatreds have existed and will continue to exist in this country. I find it inconceivable that that the thousands of pro Hamas/ anti Israel protesters weren't predisposed to antisemitism. Trudeau and the Liberal party are finally reaping the results of having no "national" vision and the government's ongoing practice of attempting to offend no one in our Heinz 57 population. Enjoy your postings and podcasts as always *****.

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As always, such a great conversation to listen in on. Three things come to mind. PMJT’s effort to straddle the divide on the Middle East is not working. Based on poll results (I know that this can change), the CPC stance is working. Second, there is a way for PMJT to “thread the needle”. He needs to speak out and take action against the hate that is being mobilized. He could, for example, call together religious, civic, business and labour leaders (although probably not Fred Hahn😀) to denounce acts of anti-semitism and Islamophobia. This is doable and, more important, needed. Last point, your points about what is happening on the ground in Gaza and in Arab media would make for a very interesting column. In any event, thanks again. Listening to both of you is so much fun.

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"I'm on side good. You're on side evil." Yep. 3 requests for workplace harassment/discrimination investigations this week with the conflict cited.

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Just got to the point of the Podcast were Matt mentioned laying siege to the tunnels. I think he made a good point. I would not be surprised if many of the tunnel entrances are just being filled in with a mixture of rubble and concrete. Tunnels are also a trap. If it is not being done then it is likely only concerns for the hostages which is preventing it.

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So, good comments on Gaza adn the issue of antisemetism in Canada. Canada has encouraged immigrants to keep their ethnicity and become hyphenated Canadians (i.e. Irish Canadians, Indo-Canadians and so forth) which has encouraged some (yes a minority) to bring their issues with them. In Regina I see Indo-Canadians driving around with machine gun stickers on their cars - indicative of support for a Sikh homeland even though Sikhs I know say there is no support for a Sikh homeland in India. Likewise we see Palestinians, and many uneducated whites, screaming support for Hamas and anti-semetic slurs and protesting at Jewish owned shops. I draw a line from our liberal left wing notions of the hyphenated Canadian (look at our proposal to use a check box to become a Canadian) to what we are whitnessing now. I'm a little disapointed that you don't comment on that line of thought but, as usual, you can call out Trump and the 'right wing' for causing trouble.

Oh, and again, I am really getting tired of your foul language. It does not sound intellignet nor educated but debases your arguments to a locker-room squable. And, Matt, you must really like the sound of your voice to use an obscure reference to Ghostbusters to disrupt Jenn in the middle of something I suspect a lot of yus wanted to hear in a stream as opposed to the two of you develving into penis and urine comments - REALLY????!!!

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