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The Line Podcast: What should have brought down Justin Trudeau

The Line Podcast: What should have brought down Justin Trudeau

Menorah faceplants. CPC stunts. Reflecting on the PM’s bad days. And more.

In this week's The Line Podcast, Matt Gurney and Jen Gerson talk about Calgary mayor Jyoti Gondek's bizarre decision to publicly abstain from a civic menorah lighting ceremony because a poster advertising the event said it would be about "unity, supporting Israel, and Jewish Pride." Could her decision have been handled any more incompetently? No!

Then G2 whine about Pierre Poilievre's penchant for stupid political stunts, as our MPs hunker down to consider the possibility of missing Christmas. Gurney lays out the political mistake Justin Trudeau ought to have gone down for; Gerson disagrees, and finds another one. Then the pair discuss the media: massive labour cuts at the CBC, and weird B-Roll errors at CTV. 

Also, Gurney is grumpy. 

But, like, come on. Shouldn’t he be?

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