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The Line Podcast: Who's more wacko, Trudeau or Poilievre?

The Line Podcast: Who's more wacko, Trudeau or Poilievre?

They all need a vacation. Also: Matt goes a-walkin' at the U of T encampment, Bill Blair casts a magic spell on cabinet, and the foreign interference report lands.
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In the latest episode of The Line Podcast, recorded on May 3, 2024, Matt Gurney tells Jen Gerson about his visit to the encampment that has sprung up at the University of Toronto. He spends some time describing the scene, but then also goes into detail about what he saw there that he does find disturbing. The two also talk about their past experience covering other encampments, and Matt makes his recommendation: unless U of T wants a real mess on its hands, it is well advised to disperse this encampment before it becomes physically or psychologically entrenched.

Your Line editors then move on to discuss the completely eye-rolling theatrics that have been coming out of Ottawa this week. Frankly, we think they’re all pretty wacko, at this point. They do talk about some of the interesting things that have happened in Ottawa, including some depressing poll numbers for the prime minister and an interesting op-ed by the opposition leader, but fundamentally, it’s clear to your Line editors that Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre really need a vacation. Far from each other. And their phones. Also, is it just us, or is the level of anger and polarization in our society having this specific consequence: political silly season seems to be coming earlier and lasting longer. Great. Just another year and a half of this to go.

The Line editors then discuss frustrating comments made by Bill Blair, minister of national defence, about Canada‘s “magical” commitment to NATO. Well, gee, that’s not the best possible language, is it? (But, as Matt notes, if we take Blair literally, it actually does explain a lot.) The two editors also acknowledge that the Foreign Interference report was released while they were recording, but you’ll have to wait until the written dispatch to really find out their views on that. 

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