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If the data does not support the argument that automatic firearms cause death by automatic firearms, are you saying that the only logical conclusion is that increasing automatic firearms prevents death by automatic firearms??

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"a problem is so infinitesimally small"... tell that to the victims of firearms intended only for human carnage. Arguments about statistical significance can be made, but your bias shows through when you reference the importance of the problem, which should not be trivialized.

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I hope that more experts, possibly holding different views from Mr Thurley, will also weigh in.

Canadians are not immune against the gun-craziness from the South. Any Canadian who wants to purchase a rapid-firing large-magazine gun should be required to provide a solid justification.

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You really need to state your position up front. Sense a considerable bias.

I’m against firearms.

Impressive results from countries down under.

If you live in the wilds of NWT, rifles may be sensible. Guns of any sort in metropolitan areas are ridiculous for any but law enforcement.

Want to shoot for fun; go to a range where they keep them safely stored.

World, please don’t bother telling me how wrong I am. I’m as intransigent as you.

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