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The Line Podcast: The Three Curses of Justin Trudeau: Carbon Tax, Costumes, and Carney

The Line Podcast: The Three Curses of Justin Trudeau: Carbon Tax, Costumes, and Carney

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But why.

In this week's The Line podcast, Jen Gerson and Matt Gurney talk about the increasingly public calls for Justin Trudeau to resign. Facing poor polling numbers, internal caucus division, and an embarrassing walk back of the Liberals' signature carbon tax policy, PEI senator and Liberal stalwart Percy Downe penned a polite op-ed advising Trudeau to step down. The provinces, including Saskatchewan, are on the verge of an outright tax revolt over the Liberals' plan to give heating oil a temporary carbon tax pass. Meanwhile, former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney says he won't rule out a run at leadership — while also demonstrating why he'd be the worst possible successor to Trudeau — in an exclusive interview in the Globe and Mail. And then there was that unfortunate beheaded child costume, which Trudeau probably ought not to have tweeted out. 

Gurney and Gerson then chat about the recent appearance by CBC President Catherine Tait at a Heritage Committee; the episode was a little like watching someone from the country club enter a Parliamentary cage fight. Tait was technically right, but that doesn't mean she won. 

Lastly, Gurney offers an update about the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel; Gerson offers a pointless plea to use the word "genocide" correctly, and Gurney explains whey he is a "genocide absolutist," which is not actually as bad as it sounds. 

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