Sitemap - 2020 - The Line

Dispatch from the Front Lines: After a war on Christmas, the living will envy the dead.

Jen Gerson: Bill C-6 wants to ban conversion therapy. Then it gets complicated.

Maziar Ghaderi: Unprocessed pain can turn yesterday’s victim into today’s woke despot

Nicholas Kadysh: Are psychedelics the next cannabis in Canada?

Flipping the Line: No, you are not helpless. Your country needs you.

Jen Gerson: You will forget 2020. But you'll remember the parties to come.

Meaghie Champion: The plot to hack reality by changing language

Flipping the Line: Conservatives can't be shocked that populists are among them

Dispatch from the Front Line: Stop hurting the prime minister's feelings, you monsters

Jen Gerson: If this is a war, where is the shared sacrifice? Where is the unity?

Taylor Noakes: RIP French in Canada: 1534-2020. (But not really, at all.)

Ken Boessenkool: The populists are the problem

Josh Dehaas: The government knows what's good for your Netflix

Dispatch from the Front Line: Justin Trudeau called us, and he'd like you to subscribe today

Jen Gerson: Nobody's in control. Nobody's ever been in control.

Matt Gurney: Liberals love evidence-based policy, so long as the evidence is convenient

Q&A: The Line speaks with Aaron Reynolds, meme machine and threat to democracy.

Fraser Macdonald: Conservatism is killing Canadians (but not in the way you think I mean)

Dispatch from The Front Lines: JT's cool, but not like, you know, Andrew Scheer cool

Jen Gerson: Substack rats unite!

Seamus Heffernan: We are feeding our prisoners gruel and using hunger as punishment

Jonathan Kay: Our COVID culture wars are just getting started

Max Fawcett: Who will Jason Kenney blame next if Keystone XL fails?

Dispatch from The Front Line: Don’t panic, but be wary.

Dispatch from The Front Line: We regret to inform you that Ford and Kenney have murdered Santa

Jen Gerson: The cancellations will continue until transphobia improves

Peter Menzies: While the media was swooning over Biden, the Liberals handcuffed the internet

Fraser Macdonald: Poppy and mask politics are petty: Keep your eye on the ball, folks

Flipping the Line: The trouble with doing something about 'Big Tech'

Dispatch from the Front Line: Well, that could have been worse. And probably still will be!

Kaveh Shahrooz: Woke Jiu-Jitsu that turns Blacks into white supremacists will doom the Dems

Q&A: In defense of polling — and a warning for the Democrats

Dispatch from the Front Line: JFC, America! (The F is for Florida.)

Max Fawcett: The NEP might have been good for Alberta

Christina Clark: Justin Trudeau's spineless appeasement

Laura Mitchell: Expecting a happy Halloween

Dispatch from the Front Line: Contemplating the second- and third-worst-case scenarios

Ken Boessenkool: Want lower, flatter taxes? Embrace the carbon tax.

Jen Gerson: Don't cancel trick or treating

Peter Menzies: The CBC sucks. So now what?

Cole Hartin: Coney Barrett's appointment is controversial. Her faith should not be

Dispatch from the Front Line: Health Minister Patty Hajdu is underway, with challenges

The Line does a Q&A with the The Line — the other one. And folks, it gets really weird, really quick

Josh Dehaas: Doug Ford's rules make no sense, everyone knows it, and the voters won't forget

Phoebe Maltz Bovy: Getting hands-on with the #MeToobin Dickscourse

Meaghie Champion: To whom is John Horgan beholden?

Dispatch from The Front Lines: Can we get Trudeau some bravery socks or something?

Jen Gerson: Are we really fine with Twitter dictating what newspapers can publish?

Peter Menzies: Is it time for the CBC to call it a day?

Andrew Potter: Eddie Van Halen, Bill and Ted, and mourning a generation

Dispatch from The Front Line: Don't worry, we intended to publish this, honest

Flipping the Line: Cuties is essential family viewing

Joshua Hind: Bad communication costs lives. And our communication is really bad.

Jen Gerson: Dune, fear, and coming to terms with the New Normal

Christina Clark: No, we aren't making documentaries you want to watch. Here's why.

Dispatch from the Front Line: It's October. Surprise!

Jonathan Kay: The second wave will be different ... because we're different, now

Meaghie Champion: The Notorious RBG

Ken Boessenkool: Money's not for nothing

Andrew Potter: Winter is Coming

Dispatch from the Front Line: You can be wrong, but you cannot lie

Max Fawcett: India's green energy ambitions outstrip our own, Mr. Kenney

Robert Jago: WE is shutting down its Canadian operations. Good.

Jen Gerson: An embarrassing display

Justin Ling: The Liberals are hypocrites

Dispatch from The Front Line: RBG is dead: Start staring into the abyss now. Also, what the hell is the CBC playing at?

Jen Gerson: How bad is Cuties?

Dave Robertson: Jason Kenney is running out of ideas

Q&A: Why I bought an "I Love J.K. Rowling" billboard in Vancouver

Ken Boessenkool: The CPC can win the 905 if it embraces a carbon tax

Eoin Higgins: Yes, Trump could win

Dispatch from the Front Line: Statements of belief, WE the media, and the inequities of COVID-19

Terry Glavin: White people are useless

Peter Menzies: Penalizing Facebook to promote newspapers is a bad plan

Jen Gerson: COVID-19, public education, and a real-time experiment in institutional decline

Dispatch from the Front Line: Our first transparency report

Dispatch from the Front Line: False narratives, doomed statues and odd alliances

Kareem Shaheen: It's not the masks that bother me — it's my fellow mask-wearers

Matt Strauss: We can't protect the elderly by closing schools

Jen Gerson: In praise of second-tier cities

Max Fawcett: Tax home equity

Josephine Mathias: A struggling generation in a maddening time is finding itself on TikTok

Dispatch from the Front Line: Who won at the Toronto Star?

Phoebe Maltz Bovy: The pandemic hasn’t changed our nature — fashion isn't going anywhere

Dispatch from the Front Line: The Toronto Star gets its moment of public dysfunction

Ken Boessenkool: Keep the planes parked — there's no chance of a snap federal vote this fall

Matt Strauss: Schools will be safer for children than the cars that get them there

Dispatch from the Front Line: Who the hell do the Liberals think they are?

A cancel culture grenade: Who's afraid of The End of Gender?

Flipping The Line: This doomsday prepper is going to make it (and was ready for COVID)

Boessenkool & Gillezeau: A political career for Mark Carney will hurt Canada

Dispatch from the Front Line: Morneau is out — who the hell is left to rein Trudeau in?

Andrew Potter: Blow up plans for the school year and get creative, you fools

Dispatch from the Front Line: Bwack Bwack National Post

Flipping the Line: The olds need to stop whining

Samuel Forster: Enough with the Canadian smarm on immigration

Jen Gerson: The Liberals didn't do anything wrong, for once

Barry Rueger: Oh, so you think you know us olds?

Katie Lewis: Fights, drugs, and threats to our kids. Politicians do nothing as our neighbourhood spirals out of control

Dispatch from the Front Line: 'You're racist. Now give us money'

Jen Gerson: This is the apocalypse

Kareem Shaheen: Lebanon was already a failed state — now it may starve

Ken Boessenkool: Why the tepid response to the crisis of childcare?

Justin Ling: Prisoners also deserve free speech

Flipping the Line: If you think you can replace teachers with Costco, you need an education yourself

Kaveh Shahrooz: The Woke want to hear from People of Colour. Just not all of us.

Dispatch from the Front Line: Dear Liberals, come and get your leader

Jen Gerson: Close bars. Open schools.

Laura Mitchell: Dear Teachers, you are fighting for your own redundancy

Andrew Potter: Why are our leaders so stupid?

The Line Editors: We've really forgotten what 'free speech' means, eh?

Jen Gerson: In Defence of Naivete

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