Sitemap - 2021 - The Line

Dale Smith: The Washington Post clearly doesn't get Canada

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Omicron? More like ughicron, right?

Matt Gurney: The left isn't cynical, Mr. Trudeau. It just calls you on your bullshit

Kristin Raworth: MAiD gave my stepmother a good death after a hard, slow decline

Andrew Potter: Our constitutional time bomb has finally gone off

Boessenkool and Carroll: Quebec is imposing its own religion on the public

Dispatch from the Front Line: Yes, genocide is bad, but think of our athletes

Jen Gerson: The True Meaning of Christmas

Andrew Potter: Give younger people more votes

J. Michael Cole: Dominic Barton is out. Who will take over the China file?

James McLeod: A decade, a year, a month — my life in sobriety milestones

Dispatch from the Front Line: When there's something strange in [Ukraine], who ya gonna call?

Matt Gurney: Your expectations are a problem

Jen Gerson: What if Omicron is the Really Big Bad?

Andrew Potter: More Thoughts On Decline

Simon Kiss: When Wiccans and Neo-Pagans saved Halloween

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Between a VOC and a hard place

Jen Gerson: Screw Big Dairy

Matt Gurney: Twenty months into COVID, the feds still flop in the face of emergency

Dionne Pohler and Rafael Gomez: Why vaccine mandates are in legal trouble

Katie Lewis: B.C.'s disaster communications has been slow and ineffective

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Kenney vs. Spendy

Jen Gerson: Missing the forest for the trees — until the forest burns and then floods

Matt Gurney: Only dead Canadians will shock us out of our appalling complacency

Ken Boessenkool and Mike Moffatt: It's time for the banana talk, Mr. Macklem

Leonid Sirota: We were a vote away from devastating our free-speech rights

Flipping the Line: The conservative coalition constantly changes. That's fine.

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Justin Trudeau, Internet Policeman

Joshua Hind: We are asking way, way too much of contracted security guards

Cole Hartin: The speed-limitification of our COVID-19 emergency measures has begun

Tommy Conway: From a soldier, four small requests before Remembrance Day

Mike Moffatt: The federal plan to make houses more affordable may backfire

Stewart Prest: The fault lines in Canadian politics run right through the conservative coalition

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Harjit Sajjan now somehow looks even worse

Jen Gerson: Trudeau is more interested in a big COP26 reveal than the big job of being PM

Kristin Raworth: Has the #MeToo moment passed?

Rainer Knopff: Can Alberta’s equalization gambit simply be ignored?

Allan Stratton: Chappelle is playing a divisive game

Dispatch from the Front Lines: No more Mister Nice Guilbeault

Matt Gurney: I'm a pretty big tech nerd, and I am baffled by what the 'Metaverse' will do.

Jen Gerson: Don't threaten to harm Margaret Atwood

A Whisper from the Line editors: Pay attention to what Freeland is saying

Sabrina Macpherson: In praise of good COVID communications experiences

Dispatch from the Front Line: Women problems

Jen Gerson: Alberta lost to a bunch of C-list celebrities, shoe-string ENGOs and Neil Young

Q&A: Everything you wanted to know about inflation but were too horrified to ask

Andrea Mrozek: Quebec's child-care system isn't what you've been told it is

Jen Gerson: The strange truth is that Alberta wants to be more like Quebec

Dispatch from the Front Lines: What the fuck, Dominic Barton?!

Jen Gerson: Eat your referendum ballot. It's delicious

Matt Gurney: The PPC surge was real, but it didn't hurt O'Toole (at least not much)

Ken Boessenkool: O'Toole can risk adopting a carbon tax ... in fact, he has to

Dispatch from the Front Lines: The only thing Facebook is good for is sharing our content

Jen Gerson: The post-pandemic mental-health crisis is here. It's not what we thought.

Karamveer Lalh: The Chinese government (probably) didn't sabotage Erin O'Toole's chances

Jaclyn Victor: Sovereignty isn't something you have, it's something you do

Chris Alexander: China Against the Rule of Law

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Justin Trudeau Hits the Break Point

Joshua Hind: The NDP always has the most popular leader. But they don't win elections

Philippe Lagassé: So who actually won on Sept. 20th?

Tommy Conway: Canada, the world's 'Nice Guys'

Dispatch from the Front Line: A harsh dose of reality for Canada

Stewart Prest: Are minority governments the new normal?

Livestreaming The Line...

Andrew Potter: Our leaders are weaponizing our national divisions

She-lection Bullshit Bulletin No. 5: Marriage-ruining swollen testicles of bullshit

Emergency Dispatch: An election so close, it broke Substack's servers

Dispatch from the Front Line: Every outcome is possible, no outcome is certain

Jen Gerson: I have concerns

Matt Gurney: If the moderates can't hold the CPC, Canada is in deep, deep trouble

Jen Gerson: Well, I guess Kenney's fucked, eh?

Matt Gurney: We know who the PPC voters are. Here's what they believe

Ambarish Chandra: We did okay on borders. We could have done better.

She-election Bullshit Bulletin No. 4: The Wrath of Jody

Dispatch from the Front Line: Tell the Bloc to shove off, Shachi

Jen Gerson: The debates are always terrible

Matt Gurney: Pay attention to the PPC

Sabrina Macpherson: We need to get better at communicating risk

She-lection Bullshit Bulletin No. 3: Scary sounding bullshit

Dispatch from The Front Line: A make-believe election

Jen Gerson: The tough nut to swallow

Peter Menzies: Why was the CBC not in Afghanistan?

Ken Boessenkool: For Trudeau, is this a repeat of 2004? Or of 2006?

Rishi Maharaj: Our housing problem isn't money. It's cities not wanting more houses.

The Line Editor Responds: The scope of a disaster can be gauged by the weakness of its apologia

She-lection Bullshit Bulletin No. 2: Trudeau, Singh and Poilievre race to the bottom

Dispatch from the Front Lines: While you were reading this, we privatized all the MRIs

Jen Gerson: On questions of compassion and competence

Matt Gurney: We could not have saved all Afghan evacuees. But we could have saved more

Kevin Newman: The canal where the bomb went off was the only way out

Lauren Dobson-Hughes: Canada is no longer 'fit for purpose'

Jamie Clinton: If the Greens can debate, why not the PPC?

She-lection Bullshit Bulletin No. 1

Kevin Newman: The people we left behind at the gas station

Dispatch from the Front Line: Election Week 1 - Trudeau's unnecessary she-lection

Kevin Newman: Kabul shows the unflattering truth: Canada is slow, risk-averse and selfish

Jen Gerson: Did no one at Liberal HQ have a bad feeling about this?

Stewart Prest: Singh wants to do to Trudeau what Liberals did to Mulcair

Ken Boessenkool: You’re probably watching the wrong election battle

Matt Gurney: The Liberals needed 36 days without a crisis. They didn't even get one.

Dispatch from The Front Line: Getting off the fear bus to enjoy a fresh mug of piss

Daniel Tencer: Build new cities

Philippe Lagassé: Cancel culture is real. But it's not always what we're talking about

Dispatch from the Front Line: The final days of slumber

Kevin Newman: Are we too late to save all our guides and brothers trapped in Afghanistan?

Rishi Maharaj: Canadian government incompetence has killed an industry

Dispatch from the Front Line: It's our birthday. Please send us money. Also, some news and stuff

Ken Boessenkool: Jason Kenney cannot win an equalization referendum

Nick Kadysh: COVID-19 case counts don't matter anymore

Dispatch from the Front Line: Dicks in space! (And the Green Party executive and Nova Scotia Liberals and ....)

Ray Pennings: Does Canada have a religion problem?

Dispatch from The Front Line: Rumours of our demise have been very slightly exaggerated

Philippe Lagassé: The bilingualism requirement for Governor General is colonialist

Jen Gerson: Choose wisely what holidays you cancel

Q&A: Wherefore all the UFOs?

Dispatch from the Front Line: Does "Pension?" count as hate speech?

Leonid Sirota: Doug Ford's slogans can't hide his attack on the rights of Ontarians

Rishi Maharaj: Cutting B.C.'s old growth forests makes no economic sense

Joseph Heath: Woke tactics are as important as woke beliefs

Dispatch from the Front Line: Take heart, Liberals. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Jen Gerson: God Bless the Dean

Taylor C. Noakes: This is no way to run a country

Exclusive Interview: The Line chats with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh

Daniel Tencer: Don't let Ford (and Legault) whittle away your rights. Get mad

Dispatch from The Front Line: C+ Nation

Jen Gerson: As Alberta Turns

Kaveh Shahrooz: Conservatives have much to answer for. Voting against M-103 is not on the list

Ken Boessenkool: Crossing the line

Allan Stratton: Don't mess with the rainbow

Dispatch from the Front Line: A reckoning with the past

Matt Gurney: Let’s talk about aliens

Rishi Maharaj: Dear Vancouver, the cruise lines don't come for the mountains

Paula Simons: Will tinkering with copyright law provide a lifeline to news outlets?

Nicholas Kadysh: The world isn’t fair. Neither is COVID. We won’t change that

Dispatch from the Front Line: Trudeau is deeply, deeply sorry you had to read this

Jen Gerson: Alberta goes Leeroy Jenkins on Summer

Daniel Tencer: How a government with any courage would salvage Bill C-10

Laura Mitchell: These COVID restrictions are a charade

Flipping the Line Again: Of course the CRTC regulates speech. That's why it exists

Dispatch from the Front Line: An open letter to the open letter to Canadian newsrooms covering Israel-Palestine

Robert Jago: If aliens have really found Earth, they might not be what you're expecting

Andrew Potter: My fellow Gen Xers don't appreciate our great gift: we were ignored

Flipping the Line: Actually, Canadians, C-10 is necessary and good

Exclusive Interview: The Line chats with CPC leader Erin O'Toole

Dispatch from The Front Line: Doug Ford's government in exile (all over again)

Ken Boessenkool: Dear Kenney, purge the disloyal

Howard Anglin: Canadian class symbols ... they're there if you know where to look

Howard Anglin: Canadian class symbols ... they're there if you know where to look

Brent Robinson: Albertans Should Demand Accountability on Public Health Enforcement

Dispatch from the Front Line: Don't ask, don't tell the PMO

Jen Gerson: The Case for Optimism

Flipping the Line: We didn't get hyperinflation in 2008; we won't get it now

Kevin Newman: Right now, burnout is as big a threat as the virus

Michelle Rempel Garner: Federal vaccine messaging has become a disaster

Dispatch from the Front Line: Not now, Alberta!

Jen Gerson: Do the Liberals not have other priorities right now?

Matt Gurney: Few of our first space age greats remain to see the dawn of the second

Meaghie Champion: Caution: inflation ahead

Fraser Macdonald: Debunking vaccine talking points

Dispatch from the Front Line: Read this quick, before the PM bans us!

Matt Gurney: How the COVID crisis broke our leaders' minds

Cole Hartin: A lesson from scripture for the GraceLife protesters

Daniel Tencer: Want to avoid U.S.-style populism? Put a lid on house prices

Dionne Pohler: Ontario has a better option than paid sick days

Jen Gerson: And another thing...

Dispatch from the Front Lines: Did you honestly expect better from Premier Buck-a-Beer?

Jen Gerson: Sorry, vaccine shoppers. Now you're the ones blowing this for the rest of us

Flipping the Line: Cancelling Shakespeare would rob students of a chance to think for themselves

Rishi Maharaj: How B.C. botched the third wave

Nicholas Kadysh: Public health is killing us with communication

Lauren Dobson-Hughes: Are we actually a country?

Dispatch from the Front Line: Scaring people works until it doesn't

Matt Strauss: As vaccination gains pace, the argument for continued lockdowns weakens

Ken Boessenkool: If the Grace Life leaders want to truly make their case, they should be charged

Don Young: I miss meetings. With big groups, board tables and bad coffee.

Rainer Knopff: Alberta's No-Coal coalition takes shape

Jen Gerson: Our endless reserve of national complacency

Kareem Shaheen: The liberal media's disaster-porn problem

Daniel Tencer: Why We’ve Come To Treat Celebrities Like Politicians And Politicians Like Celebrities

Allan Stratton: Cancel Shakespeare

Dispatch from The Front Line: Doing the Code Dance

Michael Spratt: Canadian police are not above the law. They just act like they are

Ken Boessenkool: Dear Doug Ford: Why let Trudeau buy off his voter coalition when you could be buying off yours?

Rishi Maharaj: The Canada Revenue Agency has no excuse for being this pathetic

Andrew Potter: Hedging our bets with China was a mistake

Dispatch From the Front Line: Read this, or the staffers at Teen Vogue win

Jen Gerson: I'm taking Bigfoot Family as seriously as it deserves

How can we get sexual misconduct out of the military? Will the government even try?

Q&A: Why were the Lethbridge police snapping pictures of a former environment minister?

Peter Menzies: Even when publishers were getting rich, news itself never made money

Dispatch from the Front Line: Fast times at RyeHigh, and the Search for Zita Astravas

Jen Gerson: Dear Meghan and Harry: Welcome to celebrity

Matt Gurney: Actually, journalists, you aren't serfs who owe your toil to some feudal lord

Flipping The Line: You want to put our pension funds into the hands of these guys?

Dispatch from the Front Line: Writing this dispatch was like serving on the Arizona

Michelle Rempel Garner: Quarantine hotels put women at risk

The Line Editor Responds: Your questions about the terribleness of media explained

Ken Boessenkool: I helped author the Alberta firewall. The equalization referendum is dumb

Flipping The Line: Actually, atheism is all you need to thrive ... if you do it well

Dispatch from the Front Line: Man, Biden even BOMBS people nicer than Trump did!

Matt Gurney: A hundred years from now, who'll apologize to the Uyghurs for Trudeau?

Kaveh Shahrooz: Trudeau forgot to apply his gender-based lens to China's mass rape campaign

Michael Solberg: If the truth about aliens is out there, politicians won't want to share it

PSA: The mainstream media is not dying just because you don't like it

Dispatch from the Front Line: Facebook throws another industry on the barbie!

Jen Gerson: Our hypocrisy on genocide is Canada at its best and worst

Ed Brost: The oil age won't end because we used up the last of the oil

Ken Boessenkool: Jagmeet Singh is about to become much more powerful

Dispatch from the Front Line: On the Perils of Going Along to Get along

Jen Gerson: Kenney tried to get between Albertans and their mountains. Never do that

Andrew Potter: The voters might still choose to put some pepper on Trudeau's plate

Max Fawcett: Occupy Wall Street 2.0 is using Reddit to settle some old scores

Q&A: How listing a terror group actually works, and why Parliament might have screwed up

Dispatch from the Front Line: Someone put a firecracker up the canary's ying-yang

Kareem Shaheen: We're taking from the foodbank to cover a late dinner

Rob Csernyik: Private casinos are a problem

Flipping The Line: In Praise of Twitter

Q&A: Area 'clueless man' uses dog shampoo, earns viral infamy

Dispatch from The Front Line: We can't wait to see what AOC does with the stock market

Jen Gerson: A Word to My Haters

Anthony Koch: The CPC's electoral math is clear, no matter how much they may hate it

Flipping the Line: McConnell and the U.S. Senate offer no lessons to Canada

Josh Dehaas: What your rights to protest actually are ... even during COVID-19

Howard Anglin: Please, Trudeau, this time, give us someone pleasant and boring.

Dispatch from The Front Line: Ottawa, you have a problem (the same one as always)

Jen Gerson: Advice to Erin O'Toole — save your party by curb stomping the fringe.

Rahim Mohamed: What McConnell means to Kentucky, and why Canada needs a few like him (no, really)

Ken Boessenkool: A real climate-change plan will help O'Toole ... even in the west

Christine Van Geyn: Ford's stay at home order puts the public, and police, in a tough spot

Dispatch from the Front Line: "Good lord, CBC!" - A New Dark CanCon Comedy

Burns was not a good man, perhaps not a great poet, but he was memorable as both

Michelle Rempel Garner: Think Parler was bad? Look at Twitter.

Fair Reading: Did Rebel commander Levant really have a cozy chat with O'Toole?

Max Fawcett: Alberta's oil sector needs the truth. Rex Murphy should give it to them.

Dispatch from the Front Line: The U.S. must take MAGA sedition seriously and literally.

Ken Boessenkool: Enough is enough with Trumpism

Jen Gerson: This isn't politics. It's war.

Boessenkool and Ragan: The Liberals need have faith that their carbon tax will do its job.

Dispatch from The Front Line: Hell is no place to stop